Through Another Set of Eyes

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Millions of individuals in the United States are blind or visually impaired. Nearly 500,000 of these individuals are school age (5-18). The two following videos provide different perspectives on daily life with a disability. This module's discussion will ask you to consider your current teaching materials as they relate to accessibility and for the portfolio assignment you will create a video with a transcript. As you view the next two videos, think about the video content as it relates to your current role and the assignments you will be asked to complete.

Video 1

This short video shows a student trying to use a Learning Management System through the use of a screen reader.

Video downloaded 1-26-12 from,

Video downloaded 1-26-12 from,

Video 2

The second video profiles a blind man and his campaign to force Target Corporation to make their online shopping experience more accessible.

Video 3

This video provides an unexpected perspective of the need for closed captioning.

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