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Jennifer Leban, NBCT, is a 2020 IL State Teacher of the Year Finalist and Teach Plus IL Fellow. She currently works as an Instructional Technology Coach with the Learning Technology Center of IL, a state-wide organization that supports schools using technology. Jen is a Google Innovator (#LAX18), Certified Coach, and Trainer. Jen has experience teaching grades K-8 in fine arts, technology, and library/makerspace classes. She is a finalist for the Presidential Award for Excellence in Math and Science Teaching (PAEMST) for her work in computer science education. Jen is a children’s book illustrator and has a YouTube channel, called Reset EDU. She is a Screencastify Coach, Pear Deck Coach, and Adobe Creative Educator. Jen is also an education ambassador for WeVideo, Flipgrid, Wakelet, Classroom Q, and Seesaw.

Jen is interested in designing learning spaces, digital videos and storytelling, visual literacy, and discovering new ways to use digital tools for learning. She enjoys empowering other educators with the confidence to take risks and explore new avenues in teaching.

Below are some examples of my past professional development work.

I've presented both formally and informally at state and national conferences, done private consulting, and conducted institute day trainings both in-district and outside my home districts. I've been a featured speaker/presenter at several conferences, and done a variety of podcasts and webinars (see media for more). Some of the images below are linked to the corresponding presentation and/or additional information about the event. I am also a published illustrator and artist (see illustration for more).

For further information, please use the contact information listed at the bottom of this page.


Coming soon: IDEAcon 2022!

Feb 14-17, 2022

Google Educator Certifications Panel

Educator Alexander | December 4, 2021

Making the Most of Wakelet Spaces

Wakelet Webinar | October 21, 2021

IL Statewide K12 CS Education Summit

Panel Speaker | Sept 2021

Cultivate Creativity for All:
Panel Discussion

Adobe for Education Summit | July 28, 2021
w/Knikole Taylor, Andrea Cook, Al Thomas, and Claudio Zavala, Jr.

Create Opportunities to Become Better Together

WeVideo Creator Community Summit | July 2022, 2021
w/Maria Galanis

Fun with Jen, Patrick, and a Bunch of GIFs

WeVideo Creator Community Summit | July 20-22, 2021
w/Patrick Ha

Knights of the (Green Screen) Round Table: Panel Discussion

WeVideo Creator Community Summit | July 20-22, 2021
w/Manny Curiel, Bruce Reicher, and Erika Sandstrom

Whole Lotta GIFs

(Not Just A) Green Screen Summit | July 8-10, 2021

Teach Plus Phoenix Project

Re-Imagining Education: April 29, 2021

Google Room: Google Classroom for Blended Learning

1 in 3 Sessions (IDEA Exchange virtual room)

IDEAcon + TCEA Virtual Conventions | Feb 2021

Teaching Remote + In Person at the Same Time: What's Up With That?

IDEAcon + TCEA Virtual Conventions| February 2021

EdTech Roundtable: Teach Tools for Student Engagement

EdTech Roundtable w/Dyknow | February 2021

IDEAcon vs TCEA "Verzuz" Battle on Instagram LIVE!

IDEAcon + TCEA Virtual Conventions | February 2021

Learning with Google Pre-Party

Midwest GEG| Feb 15, 2021

Creating Animated GIFs

The Art of Education NOW Conference | Feb 6, 2021

Sketchnoting for "Non-Artists"

CSLA Virtual Conference | Feb 2021

Organize Your Google Life

Webinar w/Educator Alexander | Saturday, Jan 16, 2021

Organization, Productivity, + Work Flow Ideas for Teachers

Webinar w/Knikole Taylor | November 30, 2020

Working Party Contributor:

Data Ethics in AI

Global Summit on the Ethics of AI in Education | #EthicsAIED | Nov 3, 2020

Google Classroom for Blended Learning

Georgia Educational Technology Conference | Featured Speaker

Nov 12 + 13, 2020

Google Keep is Underrated

Georgia Educational Technology Conference | Featured Speaker

Nov 12 + 13, 2020

YouTube for Teachers

Georgia Educational Technology Conference | Featured Speaker

Nov 12 + 13, 2020

Video Production for Teachers

Georgia Educational Technology Conference | Featured Speaker

Nov 12 + 13, 2020

How Are You Doing? Mental Health for Teachers

Microsoft Meetup: NYC Dept of Ed | October 2020

Zoom Training for District Teachers

Inservice PD | August 19-21, 2020

Tech Toolbox

Dwight Schools | August 14, 2020

Using Video Tools for Student Engagement

Art of Education NOW Conference | Summer 2020

Next Level EDU Video

WeVideo Creator Community Summit | July 28-30, 2020

It IS Easy Being Green!

WeVideo Creator Community Summit | July 28-30, 2020

EdTech SmackDown Live: Distance Learning Edition

April 15, 2020

Next Level EDU Video with WeVideo and Edpuzzle

Unison EDU Virtual Conference | VSTE | April 2020

Panel Speaker | Teach to Lead | March 2020

EdTech Support (Weekly Sessions)

All Means All | TeachPlus IL | May 2020

YouTube for Teachers

IDEAcon 2020 | FEB 24-27

Teaching YouTube to Students

IDEAcon 2020 | FEB 24-27

"Hacking" Google Keep for Ultimate Productivity

IDEAcon 2020 | FEB 24-27

Maria + Jen's Green Screen Magic Show!

Co-Presenter | IDEAcon 2020 | FEB 24-27

Visual Literacy

Co-Presenter | Featured Speaker | IETC | NOVEMBER 2019

Google Sheets

Co-Presenter | Featured Speaker | IETC | NOVEMBER 2019

Digital Storytelling

Co-Presenter | AMLE | NOVEMBER 2019

Using Video to Demonstrate Learning

ISTE | JUNE 2019

- with WeVideo @ ISTE 2019 -

National PTA + Google "Be Internet Awesome" Parent Night

APRIL 2019

Visual Literacy in Every Classroom

Co-Presenter | ICE | FEBRUARY 2019

Visual Literacy + Collaboration through Digital Storytelling

MARCH 2019

Google Sites Digital Portfolios


Video Production, feat. WeVideo


This presentation, featuring WeVideo, is a re-vamped and updated version of my original GAFE Summit presentation from Jan 2017, now with a focus on using Google tools, like Sites, Forms, and Docs, to organize your video production unit.

Beginner's Guide to Google Classroom

MARCH 2018

This in-district PD session was part of an institute day for teachers, conducted ed-camp style. I wanted to help teachers who were hesitant to use technology see how beneficial it can be for working with students. I hope they left with the realization that it is well worth the effort to learn new technology that can help you to save time and become more organized.

Cool Tricks with WeVideo


For my second ICE conference presentation, I focused on intermediate levels of video production and talked about the green screen feature of WeVideo and how to use it in new and creative ways!

Transforming Your Classroom with WeVideo


This was my first-ever presentation at the Illinois Computing Educators (ICE) Conference. Once again, I presented on behalf of WeVideo, with a 1/2 hands-on 1/2 informational session.

Planning for Video Projects, feat. WeVideo


This was my first official presentation as a WeVideo Ambassador, at the GAFE Illinois Winter Summit. I was given a 1-hour time slot, and told to spend it doing 1/2 instruction/information on WeVideo, and the other 1/2 hands-on time.

ISTE Standards Across the Curriculum

MARCH 2016

In our first year of 1:1 Chromebooks, we held an institute day for middle school staff called TechCamp #D205MS. I presented with a colleague on ISTE standards, and how to incorporate them into a variety of classroom experiences across the district, followed by time for teachers to "play" with innovative tech tools like robots and inventor kits.

I'm also currently providing PD as a Learning Guide with friEdTechnology.

For more information and to inquire about PD for your school, please contact