Lease Premium Domains

Great opportunity to own Premium domain

Valuations on 1 Sep 2022, may subject to change

Lease $5,500 -55% $2,500 /month

Domain Value $2,500,000

Lease $5,000 -60% $2,000 /month

Domain Value $1,900,000

Lease $6,000 -50% $3,000 /month

Domain Value $2,700,000


Domain Value $x,xxx,xxx

Lease $8,000 -38% $5,000 /month

Domain Value $4,900,000

Lease $7,500 -40% $4,500 /month

Domain Value $4,700,000

Lease $4,000 -75% $1,000 /month

Domain Value $800,000

Lease $4,000 -75% $1,000 /month

Domain Value $600,000

Lease $5,000 -60% $2,000 /month

Domain Value $1,600,000

Lease $6,000 -50% $3,000 /month

Domain Value $3,200,000

Lease $4,000 -75% $1,000 /month

Domain Value $900,000

Lease $4,000 -75% $1,000 /month

Domain Value $700,000

Lease $4,000 -75% $1,000 /month

Domain Value $600,000

Lease $5,500 -55% $2,500 /month

Domain Value $2,400,000

Lease $7,000 -43% $4,000 /month

Domain Value $4,100,000

FREE !!! Domain name for your business. Present your project, business plan, website development plan or profitability of your business. Pay what you want Royalty fee when you are ready to pay the first Royalty fee.

Equity options - Free !!! Domain name for Great Business

Submit equity options form to present your plan

Present your plan for development the domain name or your own business, how much revenues per month or year on your business.

Show me a record of your success

Description profitability of your business at equity options form.

Tell me, how much Royalty will I receive? and when I receive the first Royalty?

What date the first royalty fee payment? How often royalty fee payment? (yearly, half-yearly, quarterly or monthly)

Trade Option - Specified price and date yourself

You can trade option to buy domain name before the expiration date or extend contract under our agreement on All equity options contract transaction on domain name holding.

Waiting for approval within 3-5 business days

You will get in touch via email if your have a great plan or a great business that optimize with domain name.

Buyer pay Escrow contract fee

You need to pay all Escrow transaction fee and Escrow domain name holding fee because the domain name is FREE for your business. I will say "good bye, I can not doing business with you and you miss a great chance of your life" if you are not paying a small fee.

Cancel a contract any time or stop payment any time without fee

You do not need to pay any cost cancellation transaction, walk a way any time as you like.

Submit form to select lease plan 12 months to 60 months and receive Escrow transaction through email.


Create your lease per month with purchase option or return domain back at the end of lease term. (12 to 60 months)


Submit form to rent domain name for 3-months to 240-months.

Lease to own domain name

Lease to own domain name

Select lease plan 12-month to 60-months and fill buyer information for create Escrow transaction. Escrow transaction will send to your email to review payment details before for start a lease domain name. Payment processing and domain name DNS manage on Click to see 60-monthly payment plans.

Secure payment on securely holds your funds and domain name during lease term. Domain name transfer to Escrow holding account after the first month payment completed. Click to see more at domain name holding services

No transaction fee !!!

I (Seller) will pay all fees for you (Buyer). (Escrow transaction fee and domain holding fee)

Instantly use domain name

Buyer (leasee) can manage DNS on and instantly use a domain name for your business after initial payment is completed.

Stop lease any time without Fee

If your business is not running well, you can stop payment any time, domain name will return back to me (seller) without any fees or charges.

Purchase (Option) domain name at the end of contract

Every contracts available balloon payment at the last payment (13th, 25th, 37th, 49th or 60th monthly depending on a lease plan). transfer domain name to buyer after the last month payment is completed.

contract can not cancel without buyer agreement

The cancellation of a transaction can only be done by after notification of both parties(buyer and seller). Click to see more at




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60 Monthly - Payment Plans

Lease Payment Plans

Valuation of purchase option at the last payment (Balloon Payment) is depending on lease plan.