FrameVR is an immersive online meeting space. Works right from your browser and most VR headsets.
No downloads. No installs. Access from anywhere, even on your mobile device.


GOTO LEARN then apply the following skills.

Basic Overview and Options

Virtual Classroom Environments with FrameVR

Adding Assets to Frames

Images in Frame

Immersive Collaboration

PDF's in Frame

Videos in Frame

Photospheres in Frame

3D Models in Frame

Set A Profile

What's New Menu

Admin Controls

Using the Inventory

Text Chat in Frame

Webcam and Screen Share

Environments in Frame

BETA 2.0 Update

Customize Your Avatar

Upload Your 3D Models

Use Audio & Whiteboards

Add Audio To Frames

Using the Whiteboard

Virtual Reality User Interface

Upload Your Own Environments

Chat Translation



Spectator Mode

Spawn Spots

Virtual Reality Mode

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