"Both my daughter and son attends the weekly LearnSquash clinics. It is the perfect place for any kid who wants to learn squash. Both Cliff and Szilvi are great teachers. The clinics not only help kids to improve their fundamentals, but also provide a fun opportunity for kids to play someone else of similar age and skills. Both my kids love the clinics so much that they get very upset if they can't go.

My daughter, who is 10, has also been taking private lessons from Cliff for more than a year now. We were a little worried when we first started as my daughter is not the most outgoing type. Cliff has been the perfect coach for her. He makes the lessons fun for her. My daughter learned to truly enjoy the game where she frequently want me to take her to practice now. As for the skills part, I have to say after just a year of lessons from Cliff, my daughter has better fundamentals than I who have been playing for more than 20 years. We now have our younger son taking lessons from Cliff as well. In just a couple of month, we already see a drastic development of skills in him as well. We are extremely fortunate to have Cliff as a coach and would highly recommend him to anyone."

  • Biao Wang

"All four of my children love attending the LearnSquash Camps and clinics! Cliff and Szilvi truly care and create a very fun environment for players to improve their squash skills."

  • Jennifer Peterson

"Cliff Wenn is an extraordinary squash coach and teacher. I speak as a past Varsity Tennis Coach at the University of Michigan, and I have seen hundreds of racket sports instructors. Cliff is among the best. He has been coaching my 15 year old son for a short time, and brought him from a low intermediate level to challenging onto the varsity squash team at Nobles School in Dedham, MA. Cliff brokedown my son's game into details that he could grasp and quickly execute at a new level. He is remarkably supportive as his student's struggle through learning a new skill; and his sense of how to structure and move along each lesson just at the right time is a gift."

  • John Atwood, Healthfit Club Owner, Health Club Industry Consultant

"The summer camp at Learn Squash helped our child improve her techniques and strategies in a steeply fast pace that we have never seen before. The program is very thoroughly structured to cover all areas of the sport. Each child gets detailed attention. My child came home every day so excited. I would sign my child up every year for this great opportunity.

One summer camp piqued our daughter’s interest to take private squash lessons with Cliff Wenn. We couldn’t believe how patient Cliff was with our daughter. Cliff was able to diagnose our daughter’s weaknesses immediately and amazingly turned it into her strong skill. Cliff encourages the child to strive harder and teaches strategic plays and proper techniques, all while keeping the lessons enjoyable. We wholeheartedly recommend Cliff if you are interested in having your kid learn squash the right way with great excitement!"

  • Kyung Hee Chang