Life Path Number 9

Life path number 9

Life Path Number 9 – The Humanitarian

Life path number 9 holds the energy of completion and resolution. They come to earth with the mindset of generosity and compassion, they are the humanitarians of the world. Material gains are not important and they possess a giving attitude.

9s are versatile and can find success in a wide array of pursuits. They use this to fill their desire to do good and help those in need. To truly be fulfilled, 9s need to be involved with some sort of humanitarian effort.

The positive aspects of 9 are in their giving nature, innate leadership ability and their ability to make friends easily. It’s even said that they possess a commanding presence which draws others to them and their cause.

The disadvantage of 9 is how easy it is for them to lose themselves in their work. This can lead them to giving away too much and often makes relationships with others difficult that don’t understand their generous nature.

Characteristics: Humanitarian, Generous, Idealistic, Romantic

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