House Number 1 Numerology

House Number 1 Numerology

House Number 1 Numerology

House number 1 numerology brings strength, new beginnings, and innovation. The ability to inspire creativity and originality makes a number 1 great for people who run a business from home or are looking to start a new business.

Newlyweds typically thrive at a 1 address as many parts of their lives starting anew.

1 houses also allow you to better your leadership ability and focus on self-improvement and growth.

The challenges normally come in the form of selfishness and stubbornness. By allowing you to grow as an individual it can sometimes pull you too far into self-absorbedness and isolation. If you’re starting a new family in a 1 you need to make sure you don’t fall down this path.

1 addresses can also feel cold and not as homey as others. This can manifest in a modern decor with more greys and whites.

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