Learning Mandarin

plus a Taiwanese Cultural Experience

Experiential language classes for people who want to learn Taiwanese culture and have basic conversations on selected topics in Mandarin in a small class with 10 limited places per class.

Adults: $10 / Students (age 16 and up): $5 per class

First term: 4 September - 2 October 2021

Every Saturday 10:30 am - 12:30 pm

The plan for future classes will be updated when COVID rules become clear

**Class time may be changed due to COVID lockdown**

Term 1: Food Culture

Every Saturday, 04 September - 02 October 2021 ( Virtual classes)

Week 1: 4 September - Taiwanese Tea Art and Etiquette (tea demonstration and tasting)

Tea drinking is important in Taiwanese culture. Taiwan has a topography and climate perfect of growing tea. In this lesson, we will prepare a whole tea set, so students can enjoy traditional Taiwanese tea, Hakka tea and popular pearl tea.

Week 2: 11 September - Seasonal fruits in Taiwan (symbols on old Taiwan tiles + crafts making)

Look up while visiting a traditional Taiwanese San­he­yuan, or courtyard home, and you might see decorative tiles dotting the roof ridge or the walls. These tiles were an ingenious finishing touch added to lovely old Taiwanese buildings, their visual interplay with the ordinary red brick around creating a quiet visual dialogue that becomes louder and more vibrant when their colors catch the light. In the lesson, we will make miniature replicas of these tiles.

Week 3: 18 September - Moon Festival (Taiwanese Tea and cakes)

The Moon Festival is one of the most important events for Taiwanese people. Many people go home to reunite with their family and loved ones. The round shape of the full moon means 團圓( pinyin: Tuányuán, English: closeness of the family). In the lesson, stories of the Moon Festival will be presented with a variety of moon cakes and Taiwanese tea.

Week 4: 25 September - Taiwanese food culture (from traditional style to convenience stores)

Taiwanese people like to put food on their priority list. Due to Taiwan’s Buddhist traditions, vegetarian options have always been on the table. Recently, this tradition has been added to by food styles from all over the world, flavoured with a Taiwanese twist such as Pizza Hut offers a bubble tea pizza.

Week 5: 2 October- Taiwan Night Markets (share with recipes)

Night markets are the life and soul of Taiwanese cities, all of them have one, most have several of these ever-lively, bustling microcosms of Taiwanese society. Full of mouth-watering street foods, delectable snacks along with usually circus-esque games, clothes-selling stalls and more. In this lesson, we will discuss the delicious Taiwanese street food and share relevant recipes.

Term 2: Every Day Life

Details to follow


The classes will be held face-to-face at

66 McCaughey St

Turner ACT 2612