Why do people join the Round Table?

Ask all our members and they'll all give you different answers. The common reason is the social aspect of Leamington Round Table and going out with new friends every fortnight to try something new and have a bit of banter. You'll also gain new experiences, learn new personal and professional skills, have new opportunities to contribute to your local community and as a member you also get discounts in high street retailers.

Are you a secret society?

No! You probably found this website either through a search engine, word of mouth or from one of our events, we're out there in the local community and welcome any guys aged between 18-45. See our Socials and events calendar and come along.

Is it formal?

No it's not. All tables are different, but in Leamington, we're a relaxed bunch who meet up, try new things and have fun. We have buisness meetings a few times a year and for these we usually have dinner and discuss fund requests from local charities and individuals. For these occassions we tend to dress a bit smarter, but it's up to you.

Is it just for professional middle class business men?

No. We're a mixed bunch of local guys from all types of backgrounds. Our current members' occupations include Graphic Designer, Vet, Hotel Manager, IT consultant, Adventure Sportswear Specialist, Civil Engineer, Solicitor, Accountant, Estate Agent and Pub Landlord. Whatever your background/ occupation, you're very welcome to join Leamington Round Table.

Is Round Table a fundraising organisation?

Fundraising is just a bonus from the events we organise. The primary objective of Round Table is for guys to get together socially and try new activities. The Regency 10k Run and Santa's Sleigh are our big events in the year and money raised goes back into the Leamington community.

Is Round Table time consuming?

We meet up once every fortnight, usually on a Thursday. It's entirely up to you how much you put in, and many of us have work and family commitments, so we understand priorities.

How much does it cost?

For under 25s membership is free for the first 2 years. For over 25s it's about £9 per month excluding activities. Get in touch with us for a more detailed figure.

What's a typical meeting/ night out for Leamington Round Table?

We've done everything from curry nights, clay pigeon shooting and frisbee golf to cycle rides, poker nights and go karting. It's a lads night out so there are usually a few beers involved too. It's all about having fun.

Do I get kicked out when I turn 45?

Not at all, but you will be invited to join The 41 Club. It's essentially for ex-Round Tablers and carries the same principles as The Round Table, it's also a great way to maintain the Table friendships you'll have made. Andy Savage graduated from Leamington Round Table to The 41 Club and still comes along to some meetings and helps advise and take part in our events. For more information about The 41 Club email him andysavage01@gmail.com

Can I come along to a meeting without joining?

Yes, of course. Most people come along for a few meetings to see what we're like and what we get up to. Do get in touch and come along to a meeting, we'll even pay so you can have a free night out!