"Connected Realities really helped me communicate how building a large network of collaborators and stakeholders in a local high needs park made a difference. The network we created together was dynamic, fluidly shifting from being more like a coalition of many groups, to more recently, being more like 1 group of members in a close collective, each with key relationships throughout their community. Connected Realities really helped us show the quality of the network, and it helped those less familiar with the day-to-day of our work to appreciate the challenges and scope of our work."

- Ted Enoch, Partnerships for Parks Director of Catalyst,

2018-2019 Visualization Client

"I am the owner of a business that is known for doing really high quality work. But, keeping that level of quality and reputation is very difficult because, personally, I struggle with organization, task management, and getting things done. I’ve been late to meetings, missed deadlines, kept clients waiting, and disappointed my teammates because I just can’t get it together. I struggle with uncertainty about how to begin tasks, shame about the uncertainty, and paralysis around getting things done because of an unhelpful desire for perfection. I know I’m capable of better.

Through coaching, Le’alani is helping me identify the thinking that causes me to get stuck and she is helping me develop new tools and habits for getting things done more effectively with less self-caused stress. Thanks to Le’alani, I am becoming a more hopeful business owner and a more productive person."

- 2019 Coaching Client

"I needed to run a meeting for a large-scale social media campaign. Le'alani provided me with a clear structure including how to get more substantive participation from attendees."

-Theresa Savarese, NYC Department of Sanitation,

2018 Facilitation Training Client

"Last August, I contracted Ms. Boykin to assist me in getting numerous projects done around my household. After working for thirty-five years as an educator, I retired and found I was easily finding excuses on avoiding many necessary tasks that needed to be done. It got to be so bad, that I was missing appointments, not exercising, eating intermittently, and on the fast track to depression. I already knew I had ADHD since I was a child, but as an adult I was determined to stay on task for the sake of my students. Now, I lost my incentive. I was lost. I didn’t know what to do first. In all seemed like one huge hill that I couldn’t climb.

Ms. Boykin, after hearing my story, explained how she could help me. She gave me simple steps to follow in several areas, daily. As the days, turned into weeks, I found that the tasks weren’t that hard to do. Even though the tasks became more focused each week and in the beginning I would have found near impossible to do, I found I was gaining the confidence in completing them correctly and in less time! Her knowledge of what to assign and when to do it, was the key in getting my confidence back.

I was so excited, I asked Ms. Boykin if she could help me with other things I wanted to get done after years of putting them on the back burner. You know what I mean. Going through the attic and cleaning up things from thirty to fifty years ago. I didn’t want to do it, but I didn’t want to leave it for my kids to do when I was gone and had no clue what to do with it. I’m still working on it today, but I’m proud to say that I already filled the trash can up a few times and now have over twenty bins all labeled and in order.

What did Ms. Boykin do for me? She helped me get rid of junk, she has helped me have the right files at my fingertips, she has set up a routine for me that’s been a life saver, she’s given me my confidence back, and most important, she’s given me my active, productive, and happy life back."

-2018 Coaching Client