"Connected Realities really helped me communicate how building a large network of collaborators and stakeholders in a local high needs park made a difference."

-Ted Enoch, Partnerships for Parks

Clockwise from top left, created while serving: City Parks Foundation-Partnerships for Parks, National Park Service, City Parks Foundation-Partnerships for Parks, Le'alani S. Boykin, AICP

What visualization can do for you

Visualization provides charts, diagrams, maps and other infographics that:

  • Streamline communication in teams and organizations
  • Get everyone on the same page
  • Clarify complexity of projects, programs, relationships, policies and regulations

You’d benefit from this if...

  • You have an audience that responds best to visuals, or to "visual thinking tools"
  • Your team needs to reach a common understanding of a complex issue
  • You’re having trouble understanding or explaining a complex situation