Leadership Coaching

"Le’alani is helping me identify the thinking that causes me to get stuck and she is helping me develop new tools and habits for getting things done more effectively with less self-caused stress."

-2019 Client

"Ms. Boykin helped me get rid of junk, have the right files at my fingertips, and set up a routine for me that’s been a life saver. She’s given me my confidence back, and most importantly, she’s given me my active, productive, and happy life back."

-2018 Client

Personal job search plan
Personal leadership plan template

What leadership coaching can do for you

  • Empower you to harness your unique gifts
  • Help you and/or your team learn your leadership, communication and conflict styles
  • Provide customized visual management tools, like personal leadership plans
  • Give you clarity on what may be keeping you from progressing

You’d benefit from this if...

  • You progress from working one-on-one with someone
  • Training, books, research, or counseling haven't been enough for you. You want to try something new
  • You consider yourself a highly sensitive or introverted leader, want to relate to one, or want to be coached by one