Facilitation Training

"I needed to run a meeting for a large-scale social media campaign. Le'alani provided me with a clear structure including how to get more substantive participation from attendees."

-Theresa Savarese, NYC Department of Sanitation

Credit: City Parks Foundation-Partnerships for Parks
Credit: City Parks Foundation-Partnerships for Parks

What facilitation training can do for you

  • Strengthen your team’s meeting prep, facilitation, note-taking and follow-up skills
  • Enable your team to conduct well thought-out, efficient meetings
  • Provide custom printed & digital guides on how to approach your next meeting

You’d benefit from training if...

  • You’d rather make the investment to train your team than hire a consultant to facilitate your meetings
  • Your team is getting stuck or needs a break from the usual dialogue and processes they engage in to get work done
  • Your team has expressed interest in building their facilitation skills
  • You have an audience that responds best to visuals