Leah Honeycutt DIY

DIY stands for ‘do it yourself,’ but the acronym alone stands for so much more. From DIY music venues to DIY art galleries, these projects fulfill an often unmet need for creativity. In the process, the approach spawns an existence all its own… Leah Honeycutt is a DIY photographer who hopes to capture that unique brand of attitude in her own works.

Independent photo exhibits, aka do-it-yourself galleries, offer an experience like no other. The experience, through Leah Honeycutt’s lens, is one that’s raw, real and, most importantly, has the opportunity to truly resonate with people. Since first attending an artist-run gallery three years ago, Leah has been on a mission to capture that energy with her own projects.

Today’s world is as digitized as we could have ever imagined. In the transfer from analog to digital, DIY photography saw a shift… one that some believe to have all but drained creativity from the process. With the process completely shifted from darkrooms to uploads, the physical nature of photography has somewhat vanished. Or has it?

Leah Honeycutt DIY Photography