Join Band

Welcome future members and parents!

Thank you for your interest in joining the League City Intermediate Band. Please check back here for information on how to enroll in band.

Why join band?

Intermediate band is a great way to not only learn how to play an instrument, but to also make great friends and learn lifelong skills. Everyone in our band program starts off in one of our beginner band classes where they learn the very basics of both their particular instrument as well as understanding how to read and comprehend music.

What do you get out of band?

Character: Students build character being in band. Band requires students to work and perfect teamwork, leadership, dedication, and perseverance through music. Students that learn a longterm skill also learn commitment in other things as well.

Friendship: Students will gain friendships that last a lifetime. Throughout the year, the band will have social events where students will get to socialize with friends.

Awards: Students have many opportunities to earn patches, medals, trophies, and plaques through individual and group musical settings. Many students receive college scholarship and great recommendations through high school band.

Fun Trips: The band takes a spring trip at the end of every year. Students get to travel together to theme parks and water parks. In some situations band students get to travel to places like Disney World, Disney Land, Universal Studios, and other states, especially during high school band.