7th Annual CANeLearn Summit

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Policy & Pandemic Shifts in e-Learning:

Successes & Lessons from across Canada

The research on centralized and decentralized e-learning indicates both are successful in Canada, however, it is the design, delivery, and support for e-learning determines that determines success. The achievement of mandatory e-learning and other policy changes underway in Canada will depend on how those policies are implemented, both centrally and locally at the school board levels.

Join CANeLearn researchers, practitioners, and leaders from the provincial consortia as they share critical information, models, and insights on how best to meet the new policy and e-learning requirements in their provinces.

  • Learn how leading Ontario boards are working to ensure a successful increase for mandatory e-learning

  • Check out how BC policy changes and a shift to designated Provincial Online Learning Schools have affected the online learning landscape in the province

  • See how leading online programs are helping others avoid the pitfalls of two years of remote learning.