What is your dream?

The Leadership Summer School is a 4-week program designed to help you take your next steps in developing a project that adds value to the world.


We all have dreams, aspirations, gifts and talents that equip us to make the world a better place. The Leadership Summer School creates a safe place for you to discover your passion and develop a specific project that you can move into action within only 4 weeks!

THE DATES: 04.07. | 11.07. | 18.07. | 25.07. // 7pm-9pm


Throughout the four sessions, our dedicated group leaders will guide you through helpful exercises while you will be connected to specialists that offer a variety of skills including web design, personal branding, sales, marketing, financing to develop your key skills along the way.


Next to the sessions, you will be provided with frameworks, book recommendations and assessments to bring your dream to life.

By the end of these intense weeks, you will not only have learned a lot and made new friends, but you will be able to present your progress in front of family and friends to celebrate together.

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