Leadership Coaching in RRISD

Vision Statement:

In RRISD we believe that everyone has the potential to grow, and meeting the needs of all individuals requires a customized and supportive approach. In order to reach new levels of excellence, we engage in leadership coaching that is ongoing, goal and action-oriented, and builds a culture of trust.

Supervisors as Coaches

Opt-In Peer Leadership Coaching

RRISD Leadership Coaching Framework

2018-2019 Development Team: Carla Amacher (coaching committee co-lead), Edie Binns, Kathy Cawthron, Meghan Dougherty, Nancy Guerrero, Rosanna Guerrero, Paige Hadziselimovic, Cheryl Hester, Mary Ann Maxwell, Marc Scott (coaching committee co-lead), Kristina Snow (development team lead), Anthony Watson, Sunny Wren
2019-2020 Implementation Lead - Carla Amacher
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