Lead Conversion Squared Review & Bonus

Are you struggling to convert website leads into revenue? Or do you want to learn more about why lead conversion matters in the first place? Lead Conversion Squared aims to help.

The question is whether it works. I've taken a look at what the system has to offer, along with how well it performs. I've seen how well it works for beginners and experts alike. Most importantly, I'll help you get a sense of whether this tool is the right choice for you.

What Is Lead Conversion Squared?

Lead Conversion Squared, also sometimes called LCS2, is a system that provides online marketing training and software. The materials teach you how to generate more leads for your company.

Each purchase includes a 3 Day Master Class. This interactive course helps train you to find important leads, usually through LinkedIn. It then teaches you how to interact with the leads by creating email marketing campaigns with strategies that work.

The Master Class is built for both experts and beginners to get informed about the lead conversion game.

The system also includes access to multiple pieces of software. These help you not only generate more leads, but also boost your conversion rates by crafting the right online marketing tools. The sales funnel automation software can generate and follow up to 1,000 monthly leads.

People who have email and digital marketing presences can benefit from the materials. The system also teaches you how to increase loyalty and interest with your leads even when they haven't bought anything yet.

The Creators of LCS2

There are two main creators who collaborated on this system.

The first is David Michaels. Michaels is known as an expert in digital marketing. He keeps up with different marketing trends and invents new ways to reach audiences as the internet shifts.

Michaels has been in the industry for over 30 years. He created his first startup when he was just 15 years old. To date, he's built several companies and websites, with his most successful one being the virtual employee company 123employee.

The second system creator is Chad Nicely. Chad first created a startup in 1999 and has been working in the digital marketing scene ever since. He focuses on helping businesses create the best online website possible to drive their conversions.

Nicely also runs an educational blog about digital marketing. His posts teach people how to market, why marketing is important, and what they need to know about marketing in today's world.

What Does LCS2 Do?

There are three main areas in which LCS2 helps with online business marketing:

  • Customer acquisition

  • Data handling

  • Customer service

The customer acquisition aspect is the one most people think of when they imagine lead generation software.

The system uses automated algorithms and search tools to locate potential customers in your niche. Then it uses marketing campaigns to catch their interest and turn them into consumers. Once you have a base of loyal customers, the acquisition software helps you keep their loyalty and encourage them to continue buying from you.

The data handling aspect is part of what makes this system a full Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool, rather than a simple lead generation program. The software will store information on each of your individual leads, making it easy to access and find out about your consumer base.

Customer service forms the last part of the CRM software. Customer service is important to any business, but it's particularly important when you market online. Consumers like to be able to interact with digital businesses and receive information as soon as possible.

By using the customer service software, you can automate certain customer service tools. This allows you to provide better online service even if you can't staff people to chat with customers 24/7. The system will also guide you through setting up the tools you need to service your clientele.

How the Leads are Generated with Lead Conversion Squared

The creators haven't made any secret of how the system works. It's a simple process that can be understood even if you're a beginner in digital marketing. You don't need to learn a lot of jargon or keep up any complicated sales techniques.

Instead, leads are generated using this process:

  • An advertisement for the business will be featured on a social media page, most frequently LinkedIn, that is regularly visited by the lead.

  • When the lead clicks the ad, they will be brought to the landing page for the business.

  • The landing page will be designed to interest the lead, answer their questions, and make browsing as convenient as possible.

  • There will be a prompt for the lead to offer their contact information.

  • Once you have the contact information, you will begin sending emails according to an automated marketing strategy to retain the lead's interest.

  • After the lead has made a purchase, you can follow up and continue to grow your relationship with them so you retain their business in the future.

Why LCS2 Is Important

Customers are the most vital aspect of your business. You can't generate sales and grow your earnings if you don't expand your clientele. By using a CRM system, you can automate a lot of the customer relationship process.

This leaves your time free to work on the business-related aspects of your company, even if you're a small business without a large marketing team. For business owners who manage their online presences alone, the tool removes a lot of the hassle of marketing.

CRM systems help you keep track of your existing customers so that you know who's the most loyal, what their buying habits are, and what products interest people most. They also help you strategize so that you can draw in further consumers from outside your existing sphere.

CRM systems also help you keep your customer relationships strong even after the consumer has bought something. They allow you to provide excellent customer service even if you don't have prior customer service training.

Even if you already have a firmly established online presence, you can still use LCS2 to generate new leads. If your goal is to grow your business, this is an excellent investment.

Some of the things that you can do with the LCS2 package include:

  • You can continually seek customer feedback from your existing client base, which allows you to tailor your services to meet their needs. This makes it much easier to maintain your consumer relationships.

  • You can design a new landing page for your business. The new landing pages are more user-friendly and designed specifically to encourage conversions. Each uses proven marketing techniques to increase consumer satisfaction.

  • When you send email reminders to your customers, you can also attach a personalized video. The personalized effects help your clients to feel prioritized and cared for.

  • The software allows you to install a virtual assistant on your webpage. This assistant helps to guide the customer around your website and learn about their areas of interest.

All of these components are vital to maintaining a successful marketing campaign today. Digital marketing is a frequently-changing field, but this system stands the test of time.

About the LCS Squared Masterclass

The masterclass spans three days and lets people partake in live teaching sessions. The instructors explain the basics of how to expand an online business so that you can apply the tools to your own life. Classes are held on certain dates and focus on digital marketing.

You can register for the masterclass by giving your name and email to the website.

Some of the benefits of the masterclass include:

  • The class gives you a preview of what's offered through the lead conversion software, making it a good choice if you're still unsure about a purchase.

  • The instructors will answer important questions from the audience in real time.

  • There's information about finding clients, sustaining customer relationships, and screening clients to tailor material to their needs.

  • There's information about how to run your business entirely from home, including info on the tools you need for success.

  • There's information on how exactly the LCS2 software can generate a maximum of 1,000 leads monthly, using statistics and analysis.

Not only will you be learning the ropes, but you'll also be completing exercises to built and optimize your website. All you need to do to reserve your place is sign up. You'll then be sent an email with information for how to join a private Facebook group and access the important course materials.

Membership Tiers for LCS Squared

Lead Conversion Squared isn't the most inexpensive software you'll find. That's why many people choose to attend a masterclass before they decide whether the purchase is worth their while.

However, there are a variety of membership plans with different price points. The goal of each plan is to give you the tools you need for your customer relationships at a price that makes sense for your business.

The three tiers are:

  • Basic

  • Gold

  • Platinum

Basic Membership

This is the most affordable option, consisting of just one payment of 997 dollars.

When you become a basic member, you get access to the following:

  • A quick-start training program that teaches you how to optimize your website

  • One month of lead generation

  • Access to the Lead Conversion Squared software base

  • Access to the Lead Digital Card data management system

  • A license from the LCS Agency

  • A custom branded website for your business, built from the ground up

  • Followup marketing campaign management for when you generate your first leads

  • A week-long LCS masterclass

Gold Membership

A gold membership involves two payments of $997. In addition to getting everything included in the basic plan, you also get:

  • Two months of lead generation

  • Ten agency licenses

Platinum Membership

The platinum membership is the most expensive tier. It also has the highest value. This is a great choice if you're serious about growing and maintaining your online business so that you can work from home exclusively.

In addition to having all of the benefits of the previous tiers, platinum members also enjoy:

  • The card prospecting software system

  • Unlimited agency licenses

  • Three full months of lead generation

The biggest thing you're paying for is the leads. When you buy three months of lead generation, you'll end up with triple the leads that you would with a one-month membership.

Using LinkedIn for Leads

So now we've learned about what the system has to offer. But what is the actual information like?

A bulk of the lead generation happens using LinkedIn as the social media platform. LinkedIn is a professional site that allows people to network and further their careers. It's a popular choice for advertisers, but if you don't know how to optimize the platform, you might be frustrated by your results.

There are many advertisers who generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue based on LinkedIn leads. Some advertisers even work on LinkedIn alone without branching out to other social media sites.

The LCS2 method teaches you what to do on LinkedIn - and perhaps more importantly, what not to do. It shows you how to avoid sending marketing messages that are too gimmicky or forward to receive a response. It teaches you about wording your messages so that you can capture the attention of your prospects.

The message templates are straightforward and give the lead a clear question that requires a thoughtful answer. They encourage people to respond asking for follow-up information, even if they haven't yet decided to participate.

It's common for prospects not to respond on LinkedIn for these reasons:

  • The offer doesn't interest them.

  • They're worried about being spammed if they reply.

  • They don't want to commit without knowing more about the company or individual in question.

By being respectful of their boundaries and time, you make yourself a trustworthy individual. This then makes the lead far more likely to respond.

The Most Important Piece Of Lead Conversion Squared

Every part of the LCS2 system works together to manage your customers. People often have to invest in multiple different systems to keep track of their leads, engage in digital marketing campaigns, and generate new prospects. By using the LCS2 system, all of these components are streamlined in the same place.

But one of the most important things that the creators talk about is finding your "why." That's the reason why you've made this investment, why you want to improve your digital marketing, why you've chosen this career for yourself.

For most people, the main focus is financial. There's a goal of making enough money to work from home, to support your lifestyle, to meet your financial goals. But it's not enough to have an arbitrary income that you're aiming for. You need to have concrete goals for what you're going to do with the money.

So as you narrow down your "why," you'll create a number with actual meaning. That means you'll sit down and determine how much money you need to reach goals like:

  • Paying your mortgage or rent

  • Buying your dream car

  • Saving up for retirement

  • Traveling and experiencing new things

  • Paying for your children's college education

  • Paying off your debts

The ultimate goal is financial stability, peace, and happiness. But that looks different for everyone.

This exercise is just one of many that helps to ground you and motivate you for the future. It helps you pin down exactly what you want and get excited about the path to achieve that.

The Value of Automation With LCS2

When you invest in digital marketing tools, there are a lot of different components that need to come together. Some of these include:

  • Software that lets you organize and manage your projects

  • A marketing blueprint or instructions to help you create future campaigns

  • Educational resources that let you further your knowledge and build a better understanding of your business

Once you have all of these tools, you can execute a digital marketing plan even if you have no background in marketing.

But how much time will that take? How many hours of the week will you need to spend checking your notifications, following up on leads, answering messages, and tweaking your future plans?

If you're a small business owner, you probably can't pay a marketer to work on this full time. And if it takes too long to do, you'll be left without the vital time that you need to actually manage your business. Or worse, you'll find yourself burning out after putting in hours and hours of work every week.

Automation changes that. One of the most important cornerstones of the LCS2 system is automation. This means exactly what it sounds like: The system automatically generates, follows up, and tracks the behavior of your leads. It repeats about 95 percent of the process for you, so you don't have to constantly connect with every individual lead.

You get a plan for where you're going, the resources needed to learn more, and the tools needed to make everything happen. And then you can sit back and let most of the system run in the background.

Of course, you will have to give some input. You'll have to give the system information on the kinds of leads you're looking for and the kinds of campaigns you want to execute. You'll need to input certain email information and decide the particulars of any marketing effort.

But once you do this and get started, you can let the system run by itself. It will go through the same automated steps when interacting with every new lead generated.

The Lead Card

The lead card is a system that can be attached additionally to the LCS2 software.

This system gives you templates that let you create high-conversion advertisements, pitches, and emails. That way, you can customize your advertising campaign using the most recent data on digital technology.

In fact, the system is effective enough to pique the interest of people not in your target clientele. You might end up with leads from areas you never expected.

The VA Service

The VA service refers to the Virtual Assistant. When you invest in this system, you get access to resources that can teach you to generate more than 500 monthly leads - even after your initial lead conversion purchase is finished!

Once you have the Virtual Assistant, you can begin immediately without needing to spend months structuring your platform.

Not only that, but you'll also learn how to prioritize the leads that are most likely to turn into conversions. The system will help you identify the right customers to pursue.

Lead Conversion Squared Conclusion

Lead Conversion Squared is one of the most powerful tools in the marketplace. Even if you don't know anything about digital marketing, the system gives you the tools you need to thrive. And you don't even need to spend hours on your plans each week!

The automated software handles every aspect of the lead generation and conversion process. That means that it lets you manage digital advertisements, connect with customers, execute email marketing campaigns, and track the habits of your existing clientele.

With all of this information at your fingertips, it becomes much easier to build successful campaigns in the future. And it's also much easier to maintain your existing client base with less effort.

Ultimately, I do recommend this system. It goes above and beyond in terms of enhancing your leads.

LCS Squared Bonus

If you are looking for your Lead Conversion Squared bonus we recommend that you check back here soon! We are coming with a bonus so shocking for LCS2 that it will knock your socks off! Stay tuned.