giving words & cars

Every semester, #TeamLCPS partners with the local organization Giving Words to repair cars for families in need of reliable transportation.

Auto Tech students at Louisa County High School are in charge of making repairs. Once repairs are made, the vehicles are presented to the families at no charge.

LCPS and Giving Words have refurbished four vehicles already this school year.

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officer ally visits lchs

K-9 Officer Ally and Lt. Patrick Sheridan with the Louisa County Sheriff’s Office stopped by to visit with students at the end of the 2019 winter semester!

Ally joined the Louisa County Sheriff’s Office in May, and since then, she has been utilized more than 100 times on various cases and investigations.

Lt. Sheridan and Ally are an incredible team. In addition to their recent visit to LCHS, they have visited all four elementary schools, helping students understand how they work together to keep us safe!

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lion Pride!

Student-athletes from all fall sports teams at LCHS took time out of their day on Thursday to speak with elementary students.

As part of an “Athletics Field Experience” lesson, more than 70 elementary students from all four elementary schools were invited to LCHS to hear from the student-athletes.

The LCHS student-athletes discussed what practice is like for them, where they plan to go to college, and how athletics helps them become both a good student and good citizen.

Thank You DRivers!

October 21st-25th is National School Bus Safety Week. To commemorate the special week, LCHS sophomores Anjelina Watson and Deirdre Varney, along with freshman Lesleyann Watson, worked together to create more than 60 “Thank You” jars. Each jar contained a thank you poem, a positive note of thanks, and candy.

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lions together!

basketball court

Swish! Lions Together basketball builds self esteem and injects a spirit of inclusion that emanates throughout Louisa County High School.

#KIndness days at lcps!

Citizenship has never looked so good! Beginning in 2018, Louisa County Public Schools decided to host regularly scheduled #Kindness Days! Think of them like as Spirit Days, but with a complete dedication to displaying kindness and citizenship!

Like any Spirit Day, #Kindness Day features fun traditions like custom T-shirts for students and a relaxed atmosphere, but LCPS students also spend time out in the community making a difference! When focusing on anti-bullying, #Kindness Days helps students focus on the positive things they can do, not the negatives they shouldn't! For more details, click the photo!


Kindness rocks!

"Sometimes, I have a dream and sometimes I don't think it's going to come true but eventually it does," she said. "I thought it would be good to tell them that it might come true."

Job Expo.mp4

lcps cte job expo

"Along with networking, students had the opportunity to register for one-on-one interviews with employers!..."

The Constitution and a wild goosechase!

LCMS teacher Bonnie Collier and her class used their iPads, laptops, and the app GooseChase to learn about the Constitution!

Goosechase is an iPad app that allows teachers to come up with missions for students to accomplish through research and collaboration. As part of the lesson, students drew images that described each amendment, recorded video of a team member reciting the Preamble, wrote out the meaning of the word Democracy, and more! Superintendent Straley even dropped by to work with the teams throughout the lesson!

When using GooseChase, teachers award teams points for accomplishing each task and they also work with students to help them through the challenges! GooseChase is a great way for students to use technology in the classroom in a highly constructive and educational way!

Louisa County Public Schools hosted motivational speaker and basketball extraordinaire Corey Jones on October 15th and 16th. During his two-day visit, Jones spoke to all elementary students at the school division’s four elementary schools. Jones, who played high school basketball with LeBron James, tours the country delivering a message of empowerment and camaraderie!

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