What is LCJA Tiger C.U.B.S.?

LCJA Tiger C.U.B.S. is a Summer program designed to help prevent kids from losing valuable information given to them from the previous school year, and give them a head start in the upcoming one.

The basic goal is to reinforce the topics students have already learned through the previous school year, and to re-teach the topics students may have struggled with, in order to best set them up for success in the school year to come.


We plan to achieve this goal by hosting week long workshops, or "camps" for each specific subject. Putting an emphasis on Literacy, Mathematics, Social Skills and Motor Skills.

In doing this, it allows our teachers to focus solely on helping students grasp a single subject as opposed to attempting to juggle multiple subjects at the same time, and help cater specifically to students who may have struggled with and are only in need of re-enforcement for one specific subject, as well as to not alienate students who may not need refreshment on a specific subject.


Why is a summer program important?

“Just because school is out for the summer does not mean that students should stop their learning. Studies show that students perform lower on standardized tests when they are not engaged in learning over the summer months.” 1

Studies have also shown that more often than not, students backtrack during the summer, forgetting important topics and lessons that were taught to them during the previous school year, and are crucial to know for the upcoming one. "Some students needed weeks, if not months, of review before they were ready to settle into their new grade.” 2



At LCJA we believe Christ comes first, and that he has a place in everything. We wish to develop in students “the aptitude for every kind of learning, being well informed and quick to understand”; healthy in mind, body and soul; leaders that have deep moral and ethical convictions; faithfulness without fear; a passion for serving others; so that they can function in the “real world” and be prepared for the future that is to come. 3

Which is why there will be a dedicated worship time at the start of the day, every day in the form of a morning story, discussion, and prayer.

English, Literacy and Reading:

The best "program" is simply to have interesting books available for every student at every reading level, and encourage/help them to read on their own.

Using the Accelerated Reader program, teachers are able to track student progress as well as assess and improve their current reading level. AR also offers students a visual tracker that will encourage them to want to read more as well as more difficult books.

During English week, the largest emphasis will be on reading with a slightly smaller emphasis being put on improving handwriting as these are the two subjects that suffer most over the summer. And by the end of English week students will have earned a field trip to Silverwood by taking advantage of Silverwood Theme park's Countdown Club.


Mathematics is typically one of the most difficult subjects for students to grasp. Which is why it is important to focus mainly on review and reinforcement as opposed to trying to introduce students to new content. With the help of the TenMarks and XtraMath programs students will be able to work on and master the subjects they've learned through the previous school year all without seeming like a chore.

During Mathematics week, students will re

Returning LCJA students can even extend their progress from the previous school year into the summer and carry over some progress into the following year! XtraMath offers games for students tailored to their math level that can be done on their free time. Even at home.

Social skills & Physical Education:

Social Skills come naturally with free time. Encouraging students to play/work together instead of by themselves will help develop social skills that they will use for a lifetime, which is why opportunities for teamwork and group play will be available daily, between guided group games as well as opportunities for team sports such as Basketball and Volleyball.

Of course, there will be more than enough opportunities for free play as well.


In order to best study the sciences, students will be able to play and experiment with physics in order to best learn about and understand them from a Adventist perspective.


Art and creativity are an important part of learning, and it is often overlooked during the school year, especially as students reach higher grades.

Students will receive multiple opportunities for both guided and self creativity numerous times a week.



Registration for Tiger C.U.B.S is available by filling out this form: https://goo.gl/forms/lGJ9DGQRkgfiAx1J3