LCH Garden Newsletters

La Costa Heights Elementary School Garden is a place where children can experience and nurture an appreciation of garden science. Parent volunteers lead and guide children through hands-on and project-based lessons that seek to enrich the curriculum and promote observation and investigation of the outside world, thereby building a strong foundation for environmental stewardship.

Happy New Year! We hope that you had an enjoyable break and are feeling recharged for 2019. Winter is definitely here and has recently brought its frosty nights into our gardens. Some of the more tender greens may have taken a hit but the more hardier ones like broccoli, cabbage and kale actually sweeten with frost. January with its cooler temperatures can be a slower month in the garden but there is still plenty that can be done. Read on to learn more about what's going on in the garden and some ideas to keep your classes engaged, including some project-based learning opportunities. We also will hear some insights into how Mrs. Mirzaian's team of garden parent volunteers approach their garden lessons.

With our fall/winter weather in full swing, our seedlings are enjoying the milder temperatures and morning dew. Unlike summer crops that seem to grow overnight, cool season crops take their time. Encourage your classes to observe their growth, tend to the garden, and harvest when you can, but also take the time to explore elsewhere in the garden or in the biomes, create a piece of art, make observational drawings, write nature poetry, or learn something about garden science. This month we also have updates to share as well as information on the biomes installed around campus, a nature walk lesson idea, and our first parent volunteer spotlight.

The weather is finally cooling, which means its time to get our cool season crops into the school garden. The plants in the greenhouse are looking great as are the seedlings that were planted in the raised beds before break. If you haven't started planting yet, it's not too late -- go ahead and get those fingernails dirty! If you're a little nervous about what to do, come to our Seed Starting Workshop on November 13th. In line with planting, we are focusing this month's lesson ideas on seeds and germination.

A lot is going on in the garden so be sure to check out the garden updates. This month's newsletter also has some useful information on what to plant now.

This month's newsletter is a little longer than normal as we've included information to get you started in the garden. We have some events we encourage you to attend, general garden updates we'd like to share, and some lesson plan ideas. Think team building, composting and seed starting in the greenhouse. Finally we close it with links to our curated Life Lab curriculum and other online resources to help you throughout the year.

It's time for our final LCH Garden Newsletter of the school year. And what a great year we have had. A giant thank you to our parent volunteers, whose creativity and perseverance have made this year one of the best yet for our students. In this month's newsletter, we are closing down the year with reminders to return your binders, instructions on how to prep your class beds for the summer, a sneak peak of initiatives for next year, and a tea making activity.

It's time for May's LCH garden newsletter! This month we have a few updates regarding the worm castings and our new composting initiative, the upcoming Garden Work Day on May 20th, an exciting new fundraising partnership with Renee's Garden and a fun pressed flower craft just in time for Mother's Day.

We only have a short month left and this month we are focusing on getting our spring gardens planted and getting outside in honor of National Garden Month.

It's time for the March LCH garden newsletter. This month we are talking about seed starting and planning our spring beds.

This month, we are highlighting garden updates on some improvements to the garden, a call for volunteers to help with some initiatives underway, and some fun lessons on growing food from scraps, including potatoes, which are perfect to start this month. Finally, we have some tips to manage student behavior outside in the garden.

In this month’s newsletter, we are sharing a few garden updates and encourage you to teach the kids about propagation. We have a lot of cuttings to share in the garden! Also, we hope to see you next Wednesday at the garden parent meeting.

This month, in addition to a few garden updates and an upcoming garden parent meeting, we are sharing some ideas on what to do with all the recycled materials in the garden science room and some harvesting ideas for all that gorgeous lettuce growing in the garden, including a yummy make-your-own dressing and some edible flowers.

This month, we have included some information about getting the garden plots planted and some ideas and general inspiration online that can bring leaves and the fall season into your garden lessons.

We have some general garden updates about supply reimbursement, the upcoming worm bins and the greenhouse; and are so excited to launch our first Harvest of the Month.