Spanish 6

Instructor: Doug Eikermann

  • Friday 9:00-10:25
  • Room#- 307

Tarea para Español 6

Tarea para el 6 de septiembre de 2019:

1. You (formal, plural) need to study a lot this year in order to advance your Spanish.

2. It's your turn to roll the dice. (informal, singular)

3. I'm waiting for the train, but only busses pass by here.

4. Making sentences in the future is not so difficult as doing so in the future subjunctive.

5. I am planning to give you (formal, plural) a lot of terribly difficult sentences this year.

6. The next thing on the list is the most difficult one to accomplish.

7. Your (formal, singular) mom wants you to go to the store to buy milk.

8. If you (informal, singular) think you are going to win the contest, think again.

9. The time you (formal, plural) spend studying Spanish is time well spent.

10. Have you (informal, singular) been waiting a long time?

11. Don't worry. You'll be fine. (informal, singular)

12. I'm (masculine) ready for a drink.

13(a). You'll (informal, singular) need more than a drink to get through this.

13(b). You'll (informal, singular) need more than one drink to get through this.

14. Ya have to study a lot in order to learn something well.

15. We're almost finished with this preliminary list of sentences. (restructure to present perfect)

16. Are you (formal, plural) ready for another year of incredibly difficult sentences?

17. I am, but I guess that doesn't matter much to you.

18. I've made only X number of sentences this time because it's unlikely that you (formal, plural) will do them for the first class of the school year.

19. It's been a long, hot summer.

20. These sentences are not so difficult to translate as the ones that you'll (formal, plural) receive after the Christmas break.

21. Don't translate that sentence until you understand the English completely. (formal, singular)

22. I want you (formal, plural) to translate all the sentences in the world before we begin the first class in September.

23. But they (mixed) told me that at La Causerie I would learn to speak Spanish in a few months.

24. Well, they (mixed) told me that I would learn to speak French in less than a year.

25. That's nothing! They (mixed) told me that I would learn to speak Italian super-fast if I paid the fee and stayed home.