Spanish 1

Instructor: Melanie Adams

Room change starting 9/27 your room has moved to room 115 located on the main floor of the church

Hola. I am not going to post anything for September 6th as we will need to see what background you all have in Spanish. Are you truly absolute beginners or are you "oh I had it years ago and don't remember anything." See you soon.

For September 13th

Review pronunciation rules.

Memorize the verb ser.

Be ready to say a few things about yourself using the verb ser.

Practice the pronunciation of these numbers: uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco, seis, siete, ocho, nueve diez.

For September 20th

Review the following: subject pronouns p. 13, ser p. 14, estar p.15, numbers p. 18, and prepositions p. 16.

Translate the following sentences:

  • My teacher is in the office.
  • Where is your friend?
  • I am not from here.
  • We are friends.
  • Are you (tú) sick?
  • They are sad.
  • My house is behind your house.
  • Are you (vosotros) from Madrid?

Challenge: There is a large house in front of the library where I am today with my friend.

For September 27th

Review pp. 78-80 (ser and estar); p. 136 (colors); p. 15 (interrogatives); and p. 13 (days)

Translate the following:

  • How many days are in the week?
  • Who is the teacher with the red book?
  • When is your test?
  • What is your favorite book?
  • Why are you sad?

Challenge: How many white-haired teachers are there at the university?

For October 4th

Review pp. 239-241

Translate the following:

  • Why don't you like coffee?
  • I love pizza.
  • Languages (las lenguas) interest me.

Answer in Spanish in a whole sentence:

  • ¿Qué te gustan más-los tacos o las enchiladas?
  • ¿Qué te gusta beber con la pizza? (cerveza, vino, un refresco)

Challenge: I like to read Spanish books when I am in the library.

For October 11th

Review the verb gustar and the indirect object peonouns.

Translate the following:

  • Why do you (vosotros) like to drink soda?
  • Where does he like to ski?
  • They don't like to study.
  • We like to help at the library.
  • Do you (tú) like grapes?

Challenge: Where do Marcos and Susana like to eat Italian food?

For October 18th

Review the endings for -ar verbs and the rules for using the present tense.

Answer the following using a verb:

  • ¿Qué lenguas hablas?
  • ¿Dónde compras la ropa generalmente?
  • ¿Tú y tus amigos dónde toman ustedes una comida normalemente? (In Spain this verb could be tomáis)

Translate the following:

  • My friends and I study Spanish.
  • I don't speak Italian.
  • My best friend (mejor amigo/amiga) works in a bookstore.

Challenge: I am at the library where I like to study but sometimes I listen to French music (la música) or watch a video.

For October 25th

Review er and ir verbs.

Review the structure "how long have you been doing something."

Translate the following:

  • I sometimes write in Spanish.
  • What language are you learning? (vosotros)
  • They live behind the library.
  • We never eat pizza.
  • Does she read Italian books?
  • Do you understand French? (tú)

Challenge: How long have you known how to speak Spanish? (usted)

For November 1st

Review family members and reflexive verbs. Remember that you can google a grammar point such as Spanish reflexive verbs and there are always practice exercises online.

Translate the following:

  • He never puts on a coat. (ponerse un abrigo)
  • Carolina's cousins get up late. (tarde)
  • Roberto and I always take off our shoes at the door.
  • Do you (tú) wash your face every day?
  • Do you (vosotros) usually put on makeup?

Challenge: I like to get up early on Saturdays. (early=temprano)

For November 8th

Review clothing vocabulary and stem changing verbs.

For November 15th

We changed the course calendar. We spent an extra session on stem changing verbs. So, everything up to December 20 is delayed one week. We will do December 13 and 20 lessons together as they are direct and indirect object pronouns.

In your book, review pages 99, 172 and 173 for stem changing verbs.

Here are the questions to answer for November 15th (from the worksheet we did in class):

  • ¿Cómo consigues buenas calificaciones (grades)?
  • ¿Sigues a algún (any) equipo deportivo?
  • ¿Consigues entender la televisión en español?
  • ¿Qué programas repiten en la televisión?

For November 22nd

Review the verb tener and expressions as well as the verb venir on page 101. Complete the bottom half of November 15th's worksheet. We will do the top half together in class.