Italian 1 websites


If you know of any good Italian language or cultural websites, let me know and I will add them here.

Here are some websites about the Italian alphabet and pronunciation.

This is a website (and app) that allows you to make you own flashcards. It also lets you see sets that other people have designed. I have a lot of created sets. My user name is EmyW.

This is a good website for practicing. It's also an app available for smart phones/tablets etc.

A great online dictionary.

*A fantastic overall grammar website with lessons, exercises and answer key. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

[[ Yahoo|]]

Yahoo in Italian

Google in Italian

Home page for the Italian television channels RAI

Radio Arlecchino-Italian Grammar and Cultural podcasts

This site offers free downloads of |audio books in Italian as well as their transcripts. You can listen to the story being read and follow along in the text. Note-the entire site is written in Italian.

Websites for finding language exchange partners:

Websites for children's' stories in Italian-