French 1A

Teacher's Name: Becky Tucker

HOMEWORK (from class 11.15.19) Workbook page (Lesson 5, third and fourth pages - use the link above), and diary of what you do every day (using the verbs you know and the days of the week you know)

HOMEWORK (from class 11.08.19) Exercises 8 and 9, pages 44 and 45.

HOMEWORK (from class 11.1.19) Exercises 4 and 5, page 43. Watch:

HOMEWORK (from class 10.25.19) Write 12 sentences, using the être verb on page 40 and the useful words on page 41.

Watch video:

HOMEWORK (from class 10.18.19) Read page33. Read pages 26 and 27, then do A votre tour at bottom of page 27. Watch this:

HOMEWORK (from class 10.11.19) Do exercises 4 and 5, page 23. Watch :

HOMEWORK (from class 10.4.19) Do worksheet below. And check out:

HOMEWORK (from class 9.26.19) Read page 14, Exercise 5, page 15: Add one to each category and tell if you like it or not (You will need to look up in dictionary)

HOMEWORK (from class 9.19.19) Read dialogue, page 10, do exercises 8 and 9, on page 7, and exercise 1, page 13.

HOMEWORK (from class 9.13.19) Do exercises 4, page 4, in book. Practice saying your telephone number, spelling names of members of your family and your street name.

HOMEWORK (from class 9.6.19) Write a conversation between you and a student you meet in class. Play both roles. Also, be ready to spell your first and last names. Watch this video for practice: