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Alcoholics Anonymous

14 Meetings per week - Online (Zoom) and In Person Meetings

Meetings are one hour long

Lunch Bunch - Monday through Saturday at Noon, Sunday at 1pm

Extended Family - Every day at 6pm

This is an open meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous. Open meetings are available to anyone interested in Alcoholics Anonymous’ program of recovery from alcoholism. Extended Family and Lunch Bunch are inclusive of the LGTBQ+ community.

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Zoom Id: 589 374 5571
Zoom Dial In: +1(301) 715 8592 US

In-Person Location: 3520 SE Yamhill Street, Portland, OR 97214 - Use basement entrance on Yamhill side.

We apologize that our current location is not wheelchair accessible.

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Please choose at least one trusted person to co-host. Their job is to watch attendees and mute or kick out as needed to avoid Zoom Bombing.

7th Tradition: Every A.A. group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions. Donations go to costs hosting our platform, providing coins, books and literature, Portland Area Intergroup, Oregon Treasury and AA World Services.

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July 31 Group Inventory Results:

  1. What is the basic purpose of the group?

To help the suffering alcoholic stay sober…

  1. What more can the group do to carry the message?

Offering the Big Book for free and having available the 12 x 12. Out line how service keeps the meeting going. Get involved with H&I that deals with GLBT+ via intergroup.

  1. Is the group attracting alcoholics from different backgrounds? Are we seeing a good cross section of our community?

A suggestion was made to add some gay friendly verbiage to our scrip… but it was felt it was not needed at this time. We are an open meeting of AA and our web site points that out as well. We are a safe place for the GLBT+ community as well as all others.

  1. Do new member stick with us, or does the turnover seem excessive? If so. Why? What can we as a group do?

All thought we did a great job reaching out to the new comer making them feel wanted and needed… well in person anyway its hard to tell on zoom.

  1. Do we emphasize the importance of sponsorship? How effectively? How can we do better?

We do a good job with this… adding for sponsors to put their name in the chat was a good step.

  1. Are we careful to preserve the anonymity of our group members and other AA’s outside the meeting rooms? Do we also leave the confidences they share at meetings behind?

Again the group thought we did a good job. 13th step came up and we decided we had no control over that… even straight groups have predictors.

  1. Do we take the time to explain to all members the value to the group of keeping up with the kitchen/housekeeping chores and other essential services that are part-and-parcel of our Twelve-Step efforts?

It was felt we have done a good job in the past. With coffee service reopening it maybe something we need to address. Also as more folks are coming in person… secretaries needed to leave the room in an orderly form.

  1. Are all members given the opportunity to speak at meetings and to participate in other group activities

It was felt this was an issue but it seems with the suggestion of the sectary to call between zoom and in person was being successful.

  1. Mindful that holding service positions are a great responsibility not to be viewed as the outcome of a popularity contest, are we choosing our positions with care?

Our service positions fill fast it was felt those being of service to the group. It was made clear that 6 month commitment was only a suggestion. Offering zoom hosting to people with 30 days was a good way to have new person connect

  1. Are we doing all we can to provide an attractive meeting place?

The only thing we were missing has handicap availability.

  1. Does our group do its fair share toward participating in the purpose of AA-as it relates to our Three Legacies of Recovery, Unity and Service?

Get togethers after Extended Family. Thursday in the park. Again we talked about doing GLBT+ H&I

  1. What has the group done lately to bring the AA message to the attention of professionals in the community-the physicians, clergy, court offices, educators and others who are often the first to see alcoholics in need of help?

Some are going to look into how we can make this be part of our group.

  1. How is the group fulfilling its responsibility to the Seventh Tradition?

Most had never seen a Treasure’s report… which is on our web site. We talked about our prudent reserve, expenses, what we spent on rent, and the percentage we give out to GSO/Dist 12/Area 58/Intergroup. It was felt we did a good job.