About Dr. Layne McDonald

Dr. Layne McDonald is a multifaceted and visionary Executive with a unique blend of creative and strategic acumen, amplified by a 30-year career in corporate leadership. Currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Communications and Film, he already holds a Ph.D. in Administration and Management and a Master's in Film and Communications. Dr. McDonald's passion extends beyond the boardroom, as he's led initiatives resulting in over $10M in annual cost reductions and has played key roles in Grammy, Oscar, and Telly Award-winning productions. He's collected over 200 certifications across leadership, communication, film, HR, and more, all while actively serving as a board chair for ERG, CRA, DEI, and various nonprofits. Driven by the memory of his late daughter and a genuine desire to help others, his commitment and unique synthesis of hard and soft skills position him as an exemplary talent. His ability to cross-pollinate across organizational sectors, fostering innovation and community impact, sets him apart as a transformative leader.

About the Art with a Higher Purpose

Across three decades of unwavering dedication, Dr. Layne McDonald has etched an indomitable legacy within the realm of creativity and artistry. His profound impact resonates as he collaborates with luminaries, leaving an indelible imprint across movies, television, and games. His edits, photos, illustrations, and music intertwine seamlessly with beloved narratives, capturing hearts and minds alike.

Yet, amidst this creative journey, Dr. Layne's heart has found a steadfast compass in the realm of children's well-being. Transitioning from a Youth Minister to a filmmaker, his purpose has crystallized. His art, whether shared freely or accessed at minimal cost, carries a profound mission. As the metrics of engagement and appreciation surge, they carry with them the promise of upliftment for children in need. The loss of his second child catalyzed his unwavering commitment, along with his wife Miranda, to create art that alleviates the struggles of parents dealing with childhood illnesses. Every interaction, every note, every piece of content becomes a conduit of hope, fueling the transformation of pain into purpose and resilience for those in challenging times.


Disney, Warner Brothers, Sony Pictures, Universal Studios, Paramount, Nickelodeon, BET, VH1, MTV, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, Legendary, TBN, EWTN, Cartoon Network, ESPN, HGTV, and many more.

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