About us


Your Personal Beauty Therapist.

Beauty Digitalisation

Introducing Lawwa.Asia, a whole new era of beauty digitalisation. At Lawwa Asia, we are a unique beauty and grooming hub where we provide services through online applications in line with today's lifestyle and technology, making it one of the first in Malaysia.

Lawwa.Asia is a revolution in the beauty industry recognized as one of the pioneers in Malaysia’s Beauty Digitalization platform providing e-commerce services , implementing SOP aligned with the new norm lifestyle in this pandemic. We provide beauty solutions to you in the comfort of your home.

Your personal beauty therapists are groomed through our elite Lawwa Asia academy containing various kinds of theoretical and practical courses to establish a one of a kind curriculum to develop beauty experts ready to offer their services all across Malaysia.

Lawwa.Asia CEO

Dr. Nazlisyah or well known as Che Nazz in the beauty industry is responsible for making major corporate decisions, and is truly passionate in helping women entrepreneurs to fully explore their potential.

Lawwa.Asia Beautician

Lawwa.Asia is dedicated in providing top quality Personal Beauty Therapists (PBT) to your desired location and perform various non-medical face and body treatments using the safest technology, products and approach.

Lawwa.Asia Academy

We provide exclusive training sessions for potential PBT candidates who have met the requirements during our interview session. We create real opportunities for women of B40 to generate sustainable income through Lawwa.Asia beauty-preneur programs.