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We pride ourselves on being different.

It’s our guts to stand up and win for our clientele. It’s our deep devotion to excellence in serving attorneys. We know highly advanced marketing and technology skills that other online marketers simply do not use or understand. We get results.

Vanguard Legal Marketing Can Be An Extension of Your Marketing Department

When working with Vanguard Legal Marketing, we take the focus on the marketing work so you don’t have to. Our bottom line and mission is to build your business with a stream of new clients, phone calls and leads. This is what we do. You can be the attorney that you are and focus on your skills.

Vanguard Legal Marketing is highly advanced in technology and marketing and we make it simple for you. We develop highly effective marketing strategies and implement them based strictly on your business goal sets. We have firm grasp of project management and implement these skill sets into every law firm with whom we work.

Your Law Firm will have full access to:

Our team of experts with the sole focus of serving you and growing your firm:

  • A dedicated account executive with the full understanding of your goals and marketing needs. This person has full access to the tools and information you need for business growth.

  • The management staff who have focused meetings just discussing your law firm, your current status and steps needed to bring you to the next level of business.

  • Our paid advertising staff with expertise in Google AdWords, YouTube Advertising, Facebook Advertising, LinkedIn Advertising and Instagram Advertising.

  • The Vanguard Legal Marketing Graphic Design department for graphics, photo enhancements, infographics, social media profile and cover design.

  • Website Developers and coders who not only build legal websites for conversion but understand coding that Google seeks for confirmation of branding and authority.

Vanguard Legal Marketing knows how to organize the full online marketing process from keywords to coding and we put this to work for your law firm.

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What Are Marketing Laws?

Marketing law identifies with the rules, case law, and guidelines relating to the rehearsals identified with the offer of products and enterprises.

What Are The Principles Of Advertising?

Here are the principles of advertising you ought to follow to make great ads:

Visual consistency

Campaign duration

Repeated taglines

Consistent positioning


Identify a selling point

Create an effective flow

What Are The Elements Of Advertising?

The elements of advertising are as follows:

★ The communication channels should be clear and concise.

★ The content should be relevant and relatable to the audience.

★ Memorable

★ Trustworthy

★ Valuable

How Do You Advertise Legal Services?

Put resources into good SEO.

Give valuable content.

Incorporate video to build trust.

Make specialized pages for each service.

Rack up reviews.

Put resources into PPC advertising.


Criminal Defense Attorneys

As a Criminal Defense attorney, you must get into the mind of your potential clientele. Understand them. Know them. Retain them.

Personal Injury Attorneys

As a Personal Injury attorney, you must get into the mind of your potential clientele. Understand them. Know them. Retain them.

Family Law Attorneys

As a Family Law attorney, you must be able to get into the mind of potential clientele. Understand them. Know them. Retain them.

Real Estate Attorneys

Vanguard Legal Marketing Creates Seamless and Powerfully Effective Marketing for The Real Estate Attorney

Solo Attorneys

Are you an attorney with a one person firm? It’s you!

Running a law practice by yourself is truly an honorable undertaking. It is a huge responsibility but also comes with tremendous rewards. The word for you in the business world is “entrepeneur.” The concern is burn out and covering for you when life’s personal issues arise.

We, at Vanguard Legal Marketing, can help you tremendously. You run your practice and we run the marketing for new clients. We have a different service for solo practitioners.

You only pay for what you need. You most likely would need a different approach than a firm with some or many attorneys onboard.

We will customize a marketing plan that suits your needs and is scaled to the cost and the the level of new clients you would like to gain. We will review in detail, a plan that works specifically for you.

We can scale any program from keyword research through to our highly specialized multi-level syndication programs. Whatever program we put together, it will promote your firm and be effective.

Maybe you do have that goal of add more attorneys to “your” firm, at some point. But, in the meantime, you want to work with a budget that is comfortable for you. That works just fine for our team.


SEO For Attorneys

The Vanguard Legal Marketing Search Engine Optimization process for law firms is a tried and true, proven, step by step methodology that works. It brings every law practice higher in the search engines

Content Creation

As the saying goes, ‘Content is King.’ When it comes to digital marketing, content is the driving force when it comes to being found. Your law firm’s content is what helps searchers of your service decide

Social Media Marketing

Everyone is on social media. Your clients are on social media. Your competition is on social media. Most likey, your law firm needs to be a lot stronger online and in social media.

Paid Advertising

Paid advertising is not a set-it-and-forget-it form of marketing. To use paid search correctly, we need to understand how it is best used to drive real-time results while, at the same time, improving organic search results for the long-term.

Website Maintenance

Updating your website is not an option. Leaving your website and all of your web assets vulnerable malware, hackers, viruses and bugs leaves your online hard work at considerable risk.

Lead Generation

Our strategy allows you to acquire new and qualified leads that will boost your active list of clientele. We use inbound marketing techniques that make your target audience pay attention to your content, moving them through

Law Firm Branding

Though we hear the word “branding” all of the time in marketing, a lot of business people and professionals don’t understand how truly important it is.Branding is one of the most important elements in marketing

Business Reporting

Drucker, the well known management thinker, made it clear that no one is able to know whether or not he or she is successful unless the success is fully defined and tracked. With a definitive and established metric for success

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Creative Marketing Ideas For Law Firms

Marketing is essential for success in every industry. The legal industry is not an exception. Trends and statistics are helpful guides to understanding effective marketing strategies. The patterns are a great way of knowing the mistakes that your competitors make so that you can get a competitive edge. The content that you market should give you the best returns, and that requires working smart. You will understand the legal marketing industry better after reading the helpful statistics below. Read on to learn more or contact us today!

Top 8 Legal Marketing Statistics

1. More Than ⅓ Potential Clients Will First Search For An Attorney Online.

Source: marc

This statistic means that potential clients will go online to look for an attorney before they look for recommendations from friends and family. A potential client is likely to choose an attorney that is recommended to them but will not fail to search online.

The Benefits Of This Statistic

The online presence of your firm is essential. Clients rely on the internet to get guidance on legal issues today and in the future. If you were to ignore internet marketing, 33% of your clients would never know about your services. You can embrace excellent content marketing strategies for content promotion.

2. Law Firms Allocate 65% Of Their Marketing Budget To Online Marketing.

Source: Martindale Nolo

The survey found out that most law firms spend 65% of their budget online. It means that lawyers are willing to pay a significant portion of their budget on online marketing.

Importance Of This Statistic

It is an indicator that online marketing works. Law firms would not be spending such portions of their budgets if it wasn't working. Your competitors are already marketing themselves well out there, and you could be left out. Invest in online marketing, too, and begin to reap the benefits of the strategies that you can try is influencer marketing. Paying social influencers enables you to reach to target audiences that you wouldn't have reached easily.

3. Web Leads Are The Best Marketing Channels For 49% Of Law Firms.

Source: ABA

We can see that 49% of law firms depend on lead generation services to get clients. It is evident that law firms are no good at online marketing and prefer to buy leads from other companies. To grow your laws practice, you cannot overlook the use of digital marketing,

How You Can Benefit From This Statistic

Law firms do not know where to begin when it comes to digital marketing. They prefer to buy leads online. The lead company will do most work for you. The cost of the points will depend on the nature of the case. Some of the companies that you can consider for reliable lead generation services include; FindLaw, Nolo, Total Attorneys, Avvo,, and Unbundled Attorney.

4. 42% Of The Time, A New Potential Client Will Wait For Three Days For Responses From Law Firms.

Source: Law Technology Today

These statistic how that 42% of the instances recorded in the study are potential clients who had to wait for at least three days after submitting a voicemail website contact to the law firm. Letting a possible client wait for too long is inexcusable and should be avoided if you wish to grow your practice.

How To Use This Statistic To Your Advantage

Avoid making this mistake by employing a few strategies. Virtual receptionist services can enable you to answer all calls. Taking more time when responding to requests makes the lead colder. Choose to put in a little effort so that you can get ahead of your competitors.

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5. 26% Of Law firms Doesn't Track Their Leads At All.

Source: Martindale Nolo

The statistics mean that 26% of law firms do not use any mechanism to track the fact that a potential client contacted the law firm. Failure to keep track of leads is detrimental to the success of the law firm.

How The Statistic Can work In Your Favor

Begin to track leads. Use spreadsheets or CRM systems. The CRM designed for law firms enables you to track leads in an organized and easy way. Automated emails and appointment reminders are another great way of tracking points.

6. 86% Of The Time, Law Firms Don't Collect An Email Address And 45% Of The Time; They Don't Collect A Phone Number On An Initial Call.

Source: Law Technology Today

It means that firms do not have the opportunity to follow up because they do not have more information about them. The figures indicate that nine out of ten times, a law firm will not record necessary contact information of a prospect. They will fail half of the time to collect any other information apart from the person's name.

How You Can Take Advantage Of This Statistic

Increase the number of ways that you can interact with your client. Get their phone number, email, and connect on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more touchpoints.

Increased contact with people increases the chances of them becoming a paying client. Ensure that you get their details so that you can follow up.

7. Companies Don't Answer Phone Calls From Prospective Clients, 35% Of The Time.

Source: Law Technology Today

The statistic mean that most phone calls from potential clients will not be answered at all times. The prospective client is less likely to hire your firm if their request will be going to voicemail.

Use this to your advantage by ensuring you have staff who are dedicated to answering phone calls and keen to pay attention at all times.

8. There Is No Growth In The Demand For Legal Services.

Source: Above The Law

Legal services are losing popularity with time. People have chosen to turn to other alternatives for legal information.

Use this to your advantage by getting innovative and offering services online. Make things easier for your clients by providing online legal services.

Bottom Line

The article above has summarized some legal marketing statistics that we hope will be helpful. Use the information to learn your competitors and create effective marketing strategies. Your law firm should succeed when you implement the great suggestion discussed above.

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Are you in need of legal marketing services? At Vanguard Legal Marketing, we will assist you in getting numerous criminal clients online. We are gifted in SEO and guarantee your industry flourishes using online stages to make your criminal safeguard practice known. All that you want from internet-based life to website composition, we got it! Is it accurate to say that you are prepared to take your preparation to the next level? Connect with us today!

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Proven Ways To Get Criminal Defense Clients Online

An attorney who knows his work ensures his or her clients go home satisfied. Clients will be forever grateful for the positive outcome of the case and even recommend more clients to the same attorney. Criminal defense clients are in much need of a criminal defense lawyer to make a difference in their case outcome, which they couldn’t do by themselves. Such lawyers enjoy their work, especially when they are winning a case regardless of the paycheck. When marketing legal defense services, ensure you do it in the right and effective way. So, how do you get criminal defense clients online? Let’s find out!

The Key Steps To Help You Get Criminal Clients Online

Lawyers who do their work professionally do not stress much to be known. Numerous client commendations, community reputations, as well as how they handle high-profile cases and win, are enough platforms for them to pull clients. A courthouse is another best medium to help you pick a lawyer who will professionally handle a case of your nature. Check out more ways a criminal defense attorney can get clients online.

1. Investing In A Business Website

There is no bargaining about this one. A business website is a must-have if you want to make yourself known. Significantly, law firms should have business websites. It is a platform that will give them a better way to stake their online business claims. Your online presence as a criminal defense attorney must appear professional if you want your clients to take you seriously.

2. Ensure You Have An Active Blog

You don’t only need to showcase a website but also make sure your blog is active and running any time. A blog goes wide by informing current clients as well as future ones of your newest developments when it comes to the relevant state or local laws, which impacts on their cases. Via a blog, you can ask questions and get useful answers, which will prove the professionalism of that particular defense attorney in handling your case.

3. Use Video To Market

Video marketing is an effective way to make your services known. It doesn't matter if it is a video blog or any relevant content you have placed on YouTube. All these are perfect platforms to instill confidence and trust in your future and current clients. A criminal defense client can watch a video relating to his case, and the relevance of questions and answers an attorney gives to his specific situation. It will allow him to connect with the attorney at a personal level after engaging how he interacts on his videos, his voice, and the confidence he relays to win the case.

4. Client Reviews And Online Recommendations Help

If things go well most of the time you handle a criminal case, your defense clients will leave positive reviews, and you will even get referrals online. Client reviews on your website are what will pull future clients to try your services. Most people depend on many positive reviews to gauge the attorneys' competence. It is through showcasing their abilities, defense approaches, as well as result records. Lawyers should always improve their online presence to help their clients get more information they can't understand online.

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