Welcome to Laurier/NLC-East Strike HQ!

A link to the December 11 strike shifts spreadsheet is here.

Some photos from the one-day strike on December 4:

A few pictures from our Information Pickets:

Phase 1 Strike Rules

From OSSTF TTBU on November 26...

Members shall NOT:

Participate in EQAO preparation or testing

  • This rule applies to both the OSSLT and Math tests
  • Members will continue to assist in the preparation of students (teaching, assemblies, extra help, etc)
  • Members will not engage in any administrative tasks related to getting ready for or implementing the test (not packaging, photocopying, distribution, collection, etc).
  • Members will not implement the tests

Complete Ministry of Education Reports

  • data will be shared with the Board but reports will not completed or submitted
  • This rule applies to all Ministry data collection reports including Student Success, UPHS and SHSM
  • It does NOT apply to SHSM or UPHS application processes

Participate in board PA/PD (ministry or board topics)

  • The only PD/PA Members will engage in is that which is self-directed and which is not organized, offered, required by the TDSB
  • Members will not attend PA/PD related to any Board program
  • Members will not attend PA/PD related to any Ministry initiative
  • Members will not attend PLC’s
  • Members will not participate in DLL PD
  • Members will not participate in NAC10 PD
  • Will not participate in SHSM PD
  • Will not participate in UPHS PD
  • Will not participate in Google Camp, SWSH, Eureka, etc.
  • Members will not participate in SIP and/or related activities
  • Members will not attend/participate in PA/PD during staff meetings
  • Members will engage in self-directed PD.

Participate in unpaid staff meetings outside the scheduled school day

  • This rule includes POR Meetings and Department Meetings

Provide comments on any secondary provincial report cards

  • Members will add “No comment is available at this time.” to comment fields.
  • Teachers of DD students who only provide comments will continue to do so.

Perform the work of another bargaining unit

  • This does not include student environment club or eco schools collection of recycling

What we are not striking, and will continue as normal unless otherwise notified:

  • Coverage and supervision
  • TPAs - All aspects of the TPA process continue during this strike
  • Parent Teacher interviews, voluntary participation in Grade 8 Parent Night, Curriculum Night
  • IEPs - All aspects of IEPs continue
  • Centrally Assigned Members whose job it is to prepare PD will continue to do so, but will not expect OSSTF Members to attend
  • POR Model Committee meetings
  • Report cards for DD students
  • Voluntary participation in entrance tests for specialized programs
  • Members may continue to participate in PD required to fulfil NTIP requirements or to support their TPA Improvement Plan
  • Student programs
  • Extra Curricular Activities
  • Teaching and related duties other than as above
  • For TDSS:
    • Ministry monitoring meetings
    • Agency meetings