12 October 2019

Hello from Heathrow! I have spent a rich and rewarding month in Europe, visiting the Sign Language Linguistics group at Radboud University, and DCAL, University College London, as well as attending the 13th Theoretical Issues in Sign Language Research conference in Hamburg. Some highlights:

  • Meeting feisty fellow fieldworkers Rehana Omardeen, Hannah Lutzenberger and Kristian Ali, who are doing fantastic, fascinating work with communities using Providence Island SL, Kata Kolok, and Bay Islands SL - an emerging tactile SL in the Caribbean
  • Embracing Dutch bike culture and pedalling all over Nijmegen
  • Tory Sampson's fantastic, award-winning presentation on the copular cycle in ASL at TISLR13 - check it out here!
  • My first experience using international sign, and pestering everybody with my questions about what they think it is (once an ethnographer...)
  • Getting fantastic feedback from audiences at Radboud and DCAL on my initial explorations into verb 'agreement' (or indication... or directionality...!) in the sign language used at Kailge, Western Highlands
  • Seeing the world's only soft-tissue dodo specimen at the Oxford Natural History Museum!
Presenting one of my three posters at TISLR13 (see main site for links). Photo by Kristian Ali.

20 September 2019

Two good pieces of news! My abstract for a paper at the Australian Linguistic Society annual conference has been accepted. It's titled "A novel comparative method for young sign languages: Base comparison". You can download the abstract here: 10.6084/m9.figshare.9883385.

Alan Rumsey, Francesca Merlan and my paper on the acquisition of clause chaining in Ku Waru has been accepted to Frontiers in Psychology, pending revisions. We will be working on these over the next month.

4 September 2019

I'm in the final stages of writing a paper arising from my presentation at UCLAN in July 2019, which incorporates a sociodemographic sketch of the Port Moresby deaf community, and exploration of bilingual practices.

Professor Alan Rumsey and I are writing a paper which presents my thesis findings in relation to the 'missing links' in the extant sociodemographic typology of sign languages, and new explanatory concepts to enrich the field, including nucleated network sign languages, sign networks, and the regional sign network.

I am preparing talks on verb 'agreement' in sign language used in the Papua New Guinea Highlands, which will be presented at a Sign Pop-Up at Radboud University on 20 September 2019, and at the Deafness, Cognition and Language research centre at University College London on 7 October 2019.

I am preparing three posters for presentation at the 13th meeting of TISLR at the University of Hamburg, 26-28 September 2019.