Providing Compassionate, Culturally-Responsive Psychotherapy for Individuals, Couples, and Families

Why A Culturally-Responsive Approach?

As a female person-of-color therapist born to immigrant parents, I recognize the unique struggles and difficult emotions that face many of us in this current socio-political climate.

Perhaps you are an individual looking for a safe space to explore the different dimensions of your identity, including race, ethnicity, and gender. Maybe you are in a cross-cultural relationship and want support around navigating tricky topics in a productive way. Or maybe your family is having difficulty communicating due to generational differences, opposing cultural values, or simply struggling to understand each other’s perspectives.

Whomever you are, my passion for providing therapy comes from my belief and first-hand experience that therapy can provide you with the nonjudgmental, compassionate, and reflective environment necessary for meaningful change.

My specialities and areas of interest include:

  • child and adolescents
  • parenting concerns
  • racial identity
  • life transitions
  • anxiety
  • peer relationships
  • school issues
  • depression
  • stress
  • family conflict
  • professional helpers suffering from burnout, compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma, etc. (fellow mental health service providers, caregivers, educators, health care workers, etc. )
  • women's issues
  • mood disorders

What I bring to our work together

My 10 years of experience working with diverse groups of adolescents and their families has provided me with insight into the wide array of issues that bring people to therapy. You will find that I use a variety of approaches, all informed by the philosophy that early experiences and attachments inform our current struggles, more often than not.

Taking the first step

I know how powerful and healing therapy can be when you find the right fit. We all deserve a dedicated space where we can be both seen and heard as we explore difficult topics with compassionate support. I encourage you to reach out for a free 20-minute phone consultation where we can talk more about what you hope to get out of therapy.

Contact me to schedule a free 20-min consultation session to discuss

what brings you to therapy.

(510) 982-6262

Regarding Fees:

Rates range from $120-180 per 50-minute session.

I am proud to offer a limited number of sliding scale appointments for those who demonstrate financial need through Open Path Psychotherapy Collective.

Mondays & Wednesdays:

6333 Telegraph Ave #200

Oakland, California 94609


Amador Family Center

399 Taylor Boulevard #210

Pleasant Hill, California 94523