Lauran Toussaint

About me

I am currently a postdoctoral researcher in the research group of Mélanie Bertelson at the Université Libre de Bruxelles in Brussels. Before I was a PhD student at Utrecht University under the supervision of Marius Crainic and Alvaro del Pino.

Among other things I am interested in contact structures, symplectic foliations and h-principle techniques.


  • Wrinkling h-principles for integral submanifolds of jet spaces. arXiv:2112.14720 (with A. del Pino)

  • Existence of conformal symplectic foliations on closed manifolds. arXiv:2111.00550 (with F. Gironella)

  • Examples of symplectic non-leaves. arXiv:2106.02618 (with F. Gironella)

  • Wrinkling h-principles for integral submanifolds of jet spaces II. In preparation (with A. del Pino)

  • Contact structures and conformal symplectic foliations. In preparation (with F. Presas)

  • An obstruction for the existence of strong symplectic foliations. Work in Progress (with F. Gironella and K. Niederkruger)

  • Triangulations of symplectic manifolds. Work in progress (with M. Bertelson)

  • Wrinkling and Haefliger structures. Work in progress (with A. Fokma and A. del Pino)

  • Poisson cohomology of Lefschetz fibrations. Work in progress (with F. Zeiser)

  • Horizontal Morse theory. Work in progress (with A. del Pino, L. Accornero, and F. Gironella)

  • Constructions of symplectic foliations. Work in progress (with G. Cavalcanti and M. Crainic)


  • PhD thesis: Contact structures & codimension-one symplectic foliations, under the supervision of M. Crainic and A. del Pino, available here.

  • Master thesis: Existence of contact structures in all dimensions, under the supervision of F. Pasquotto and M. Crainic, available here.

Office O.7.217

NO building, Plaine Campus