Laura Lynn DelRoss

– Radical Educator –

Rio Grande, Big Bend National Park, TX/MX

Sharing Stories at the Intersections of Self, Social Justice, and Sacred Lands

Welcome y'all. This digital space is to share with you my visions for our collective dreaming of building a better world. I am an educator, consultant, and restorative justice facilitator striving to help people share their stories at the intersections of self, social justice, and our connection to our sacred land. With nearly two decades of experience in schools, community settings, government agencies, and nonprofits, I bring a deep commitment to relationships, restorative practices, and collaborating to forge a plan for the future.

“Radical simply means grasping things at the root."

- Dr. Angela Y. Davis

What does it mean to be a radical educator? To me, all educators must be radical to do the job. To get to the root of what our students — and the systems which support them — need is inherent in being an effective educator. I'm committed to advocating for better learning experiences for my most vulnerable students by embodying bold and innovative pedagogy. I work with intention to get to the root of what will best serve all of my students and I disrupt the systems which attempt to impede this effort.

"It's about stories, it's about people..."

Envisioning Together

may we lend the light of justice,

of "what love looks like in public,"

to the work of transcending our liminal experiences and

connecting to each other through the power of telling our stories

so as to strengthen our shared humanity.

Laura smiles up at the camera from her seated spot in the doorway of her tent nestled amid showy fall leaves.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park, TN/NC

Laura laughs at the photographer, her friend David, as she holds a rainbow poster emblazed with "TRANS" as part of her group's "BLACK TRANS LIVES MATTER" sign for Midpines Pride 2020

"Pride of the Sierras" Midpines Pride 2020 Yosemite National Park, CA

About Laura Lynn DelRoss (she/her)

Howard Thurman’s ethos on living is the beacon for my life:

"Don’t ask what the world needs.

Ask what makes you come alive, & go do it.

Because what the world needs is people who have

come alive.”

The ways we potentiate one another — the link which connects how empowering the individual elevates the community — is what makes me come alive.

My work toward collective liberation began with the twelve formative summers I spent in community playing, growing, and leading wilderness expeditions amid the pine-dappled granite mountains of the High Sierra in California. In these forest enclaves, I experienced the power intentional community has on individuals, an ethos I have elevated in my roles as an elementary school science teacher, an interpretive park ranger in Death Valley, Humboldt Redwoods, and Yellowstone, and a wilderness Outward Bound Instructor. My path is deeply committed to our Earth and my vision remains rooted in the way our natural world fosters deeper intrapersonal connection, elevates our social-emotional learning, and unifies us in our shared humanity.

My Outward Bound experience began as an Instructor with the Voyageur Outward Bound School in Ely, Minnesota where I spent most of my time working with the Intercept program, specializing in restorative justice, semester-long programs, and courses for girls, gender-expansive students, and LGBTQIA+ students. My love of wild desert lands led me to be a founding member in the reopening of the Big Bend campus in far west Texas before the call of home brought me back to the Bay Area and the Outward Bound California community. It was during my time with OB that I refined my transformative and restorative justice practices to help reveal to heal decades of hegemonic values.

This community building and restorative approach is the true heart of my work, as seen in my current collaborations with both Sonoma County's LGBTQIA+ Community Center, Positive Images, and the Oakland Peace Fellowship with the Oakland Peace Center. The community of dedicated and passionate agents of change at the heart of the field of education — my students, my colleagues, and my mentors — and our collective dream of bending the arc toward justice are the principal reasons why I continue to be inspired to do this work.

I love feeling the magic of the sun on my skin, dreaming plans for another world, playing Jeopardy!, dancing as a restorative practice, researching nuances in music, paddling desert rivers, connecting with animals' emotions, exploring the link between supernovas and humanity, and jumping into wild bodies of water.


- being a thought leader who has “an incredible ability to make people feel seen and to create and hold space for all the feelings"

- creating sacred spaces of vulnerability

- implementing equity-informed and culturally-relevant practices

- redesigning curriculum in the moment to meet the changing and differentiated needs of my students

- listening so people feel heard

- thriving in the liminal

- catalyzing the vision

- seeing and honoring people as whole

- moving at the speed of trust

- unraveling sleeping dreams through inquiry to reveal obscured truths

- being transported to another realm through music

- elevating the connectivity of the experience


- input

- restorative

- connectedness

- command

- strategic

Enneagram: Type 4w5, The Inquisitive Empath

Boundary Waters, MN

Point Bonita, CA

Rio Grande, TX/MX

Big Sur, CA

water is life, water is sacred, water is our right

and I'm always grateful when I jump in

Statement of Self

Laura Lynn DelRoss (she/her) dances in the liminal. Laura knows the power of collective dreaming for building a better world and she strives to help people share their stories at the intersections of self, social justice, and our connection to our sacred land. As a gender-expansive, neuroemergent, white, queer femme of disabled kin, Laura’s work as an educator focuses on relationships and restorative practices to help reveal to heal hegemonic values. She draws on her faith in Tikkun Olam to guide our work of collective liberation and maintains her ancestral connections with desert mysticism, Sufi whirling, and engaged Buddhism. Laura believes that the wisdom is within us and delights in helping people illuminate this for themselves. She loves feeling the magic of the sun on her skin, playing Jeopardy!, dancing, researching nuances in music, paddling desert rivers, connecting with animals' emotions, and exploring the link between supernovas and humanity. Read more at