If you want to join the Latin-only Locutorium Latinum on Skype, please contact one of the Admins listed below, who will send you an invitation.

The locutorium is very active.

Here is a Join Link.

If the join link is temporarily deactivated, please contact one of the Admins below, and ask them to add you to the group.

awesome0cloud (Cogito ergo sum) ADMIN

john.whelpton1 (John Whelpton) ADMIN

don_calogero92 (Peacesells) ADMIN

e_p_millner (Molendinarius) ADMIN

Remind the admin you contact that the command to invite someone is /invite skypename



Salvete et Vos Consodales,

Si per SKYPEN (Skype) confabulari vis, habemus LOCUTORIUM LATINUM apud Skype, et possis illic confabulari per litteras, picturas ad alios emittere, et viva voce quoque sermonem habere.

Junge Te!


If you want to chat by SKYPE, we have a Chatroom set up for Latinum on Skype, where you can text-chat, send pictures to one another, and also have voice chats.

Join up! Contact one of the Admins on Skype for an invitation.

awesome0cloud (Cogito ergo sum) ADMIN

john.whelpton1 (John Whelpton) ADMIN

don_calogero92 (Peacesells) ADMIN

e_p_millner (Molendinarius) ADMIN

Houseparty: a useful **free** phone app for spoken Latin. Those who want to speak Latin are scattered across the globe; this app will let us create a virtual community of Latin speakers. You can be a complete beginner: everyone started out the same way.

Salve means hello! Here are some conversational basics to get you started

Houseparty! Now that's a Convivium!

How does it work?

This YouTube tutorial explains it all

On Houseparty, once you have downloaded the app and signed in, you can select 'add friends' and then find your Latin speaking friends online easily. Why not start by adding me (molendinarius) directly? Here is a link that will let you download the app; Junge te, et adde me! Search for my name: molendinarius.

Alternatively, visit the Houseparty website ,and get the app from the Google Play or Apple stores.

"Convivium" (id est, Houseparty) facultatem octo confabulari viva voce simul dat. Possis videre quis homo domi sit (id est, quis in linea sit) , et eum eamve salvere jubere. Rogare: "Bona vena me audies?" ; veniam in conclavi inire petendum'st! Licentia concessa, te jungere et in conclavi includere licet, confabulari causa.

Install houseparty, and add some Latin speakers as your friends; Incipiat Convivium! Let the party begin! Please remember to add me: molendinarius

Here are some Convivium Latinum Usernames to get you started: Add me, (molendinarius) I will put your username on the list for you, so other Latin speakers can find you using the app.