Lassiter Parking Information

Online Parking Application

Online applications may be submitted May 9th to June 30th

Parking is only available to Juniors and Seniors

Decals are LIMITED and may not be available after the application window.

Parking Decal -$50

Payments can be made by check or exact cash. To expedite the process, students must follow the steps below to download and complete the forms from the Lassiter website ahead of time.

Senior Payment window: June 13- July 14

Senior Decal Pick-up: Go Day or July 25 - July 29

Junior Lottery: See below

The parking office is now located in Attendance. Parking Office Hours:

Tuesday-Thursday 10am-3pm

Closed July 4-8


Step ONE: Prepare your Application Files.

Scan or take a picture of the following items to upload with your online parking application. Files should be saved as a PDF or image file:

-Valid Drivers License (NO PERMITS ALLOWED)

-Valid Registration (NOT EXPIRED)

-Valid Insurance (NOT EXPIRED)

Step TWO: Submit your Online Parking Application (Google account required*)

Click the link above to submit the on-line application BEFORE submitting any parking paperwork/payment. This does not automatically secure a decal.


1. Print and fill out the paper Cobb County Board of Education Parking Application (clicking print will open a PDF and information can be typed) and paperclip your payment.

Checks made payable to Lassiter High School or exact cash in the amount of $50

*If you do not have a Google account and do not want to make one, please see Ms. Crock in Attendance for paper forms, this may delay your decal.

Juniors should not turn in step 3 or form until selected from Junior Lottery, July 18.

Junior Payment Windows:

Round 1: July 20 - July 22

Round 2: July 26 - July 29

Applications will be considered incomplete and not accepted if any of the above items are incorrect/missing.

Students who owe book, media or parking fines have to pay them first before applying for a parking decal (carried over from every year). Media fines are paid in Media Center and parking fines are paid to Ms. Crock in the attendance office.

Students cannot apply for a parking decal if they had 6 or more unexcused tardies or 7 or more unexcused absences last semester. You will have to wait until 45 school days have gone by since the last tardy/absence. Get your last tardy/absence date from PPO, then see Ms. Crock for eligibility date to purchase a decal.

Decals must be placed on the front windshield in the bottom passenger corner. Cars without a visible decal may be ticketed.

Students who park in an area that is not designated for student parking will be given tickets. Including or not limited to: bus lanes, stripped hazard areas, and Harrison Park.

Front lot MUST be vacated no later than 3:45 each afternoon. Parking lot will be promptly closed and vehicles may be towed.