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Interested in upgrading your laser with a new controller and Lightburn? You found the right place!
This is FREE for the Do It Yourself-er!!!
This site offers FREE videos, links to videos  and documents.
As an OPTION...we offer expert assistance, and future support should you need it at a reasonable cost.
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Many have contacted us for help in upgrading their current controller to a new and more powerful Ruida controller. This site offers Free Resources, should you wish to attempt this upgrade yourself. All are welcome to use it.  We offer paid conversion plans for those who seek help.

We will recommend a state of the art Ruida Controller! It will run on most operating systems (Mac, Windows 7, 10, etc.). The specific Ruida controller will vary with different laser makes, models and years! IMPORTANT: Once you upgrade you will NO LONGER be tied to the manufacturer. You'll use Lightburn which will be MORE accurate. You can install a camera and more....


Complete the form below and we will get back to you with our recommendation for your specific laser. We will suggest a Ruida  controller  (approx. $450), supply a link on AMAZON. We suggest that you purchase it from Amazon. In this way, YOU are the owner of record. You can return it for a Full Refund, should you choose not to move forward. You will have a warranty to enable you to obtain support directly from Amazon or Ruida.

This is a FREE controller recommendation. The resources, videos, tutorials are for self-installation and are here for the laser community.


I DID!!!

We offer paid guidance plans, and in some locations can send on-site help.

If you are interested in learning more complete our

Laser Upgrade Form  - It's FREE!


The cost of conversion is $700 from us! Together, we will have your laser with the new controller "UP and RUNNING"! This in record time!

What do you get for $700 ?
We provide:
1- Labels for each wire on your current controller. Each wire should already have labeled barrel connections which can fall off. You will receive our labels for each wire with your nomenclature. Each will have installation Group Letters (A,B,C, etc.)
2- You will receive wire transfer instructions telling you which group of wires to switch over first (Group A), second (Group B), etc.  

3- Self-stick labels for your New Ruida Controller with 1-1 correspondence to your current controller labels. So you can confidently transfer Group A wires to the new Ruida connector and then plug it in.

4- Upon wire transfer you will run a test circle file which will be available to confirm that the wire transfer is correct. 

5- You will receive a sample beginning config file to be uploaded to your Ruida controller from Lightburn (Lightburn 30 day Free Trial).

6- You will schedule a one to one telephone/video conference to upload the config file to Lightburn and then to the controller. 

7- Further refinements for your specific laser which includes establishing  Home,  Setting Job Origins, Framing job, Calibration, Optimal Focus of laser with a Ramp Test, and  use of the Ruida  display.

8- Successful running of an Engrave Test File to both Cut and Engrave (view that file on this page).

At this point we consider your laser UP and RUNNING!



Controller wire transfer service-
We will send an agent to your location to swap wires from your current controller to the new Ruida Controller.  This service is currently offered in Long Island, Queens, and Brooklyn. COST varies but is typically  $300 + Travel Time calculated at $50 per hour.

Support After the Controller Upgrade

Once the new controller is up and running you have severed ties with the FSLaser (or your current laser manufacturer). You have a new controller, direct computer to laser USB, new software (Lightburn), can add a camera, etc. We can offer support.

Telephone Support-  At your option we offer support in 3 hour packages, prepaid for $250. 


Want more info,  have questions, want us to add additional links or videos?


Dan 516-582-5437 or  Todd 502-664-1773

Links for Upgrading to a Ruida Controller

Ruida Controllers Company Page

How do you wire your Ruida Controller (Video) 

Manual for 6445G   Manual for RDC 6445S(EC)  
Pictures of FSLaser Controller and Wiring 

RD Works download - Ruida offers a FREE program for their controller. However, Lightburn is So Superior! We suggest a Free Trial of 30 days. 

Lightburn Download (specific operating systems) with Free Trial

Lightburn Purchase
Lightburn Shortcut Guide Hot Keys - Printable

Basic Lightburn Guide - A guide to importing filetypes. Lightburn does not do this well!! Lightburn suggests advanced graphics programs like AI, and Corel LINK

Ramp Test (video)
Material Reference List

Engrave Test File (Pictured Below)
Download:  EngraveTestDan.rd  -  EngraveTestDan.lbrn2 

Engrave Test File from


Rotate the barrel labels so that they are readable. This may require several pastures which is fine.

Take and Send Us Pictures of Your Controller Showing Barrel Labels (see pictures below)

Click  Here to upload picture of your controller wires FROM YOUR COMPUTER. In this way we can make labels for each wire and a master label for your controller.

Note that  your files will upload to our folder at DreamDesign