LaSalle Language Academy Playground Campaign

The current outdoor facilities at LaSalle have proven to be dangerous and no longer serve the needs of our students or community. Our goal is to build a new outdoor campus, that includes two new age specific playground areas, a multi-purpose turf field, and updated hard surface areas.

LaSalle is a Level 1 school in need of a Level 1 facilities. The total estimated cost of this project could be as much as $2.0 million. We have the amazing support of Alderman Smith and CPS which is getting us close to making the next phase of this possible.

At this stage we need to pledge $500,000 from our LaSalle community, corporate donations and grants to make this happen.

This is where our LaSalle community needs to rally together to help make this possible. We can do this for the good of all the amazing people that make up this school community and surrounding neighborhood.

Our goal is to secure $500,000 in individual pledges and brick pledges by December 10, 2018 to keep our project going. Right now we are looking to only gather PLEDGES for our amazing project. We will not be collecting funds until we get our green light. At that point we will be collecting from parents in installments if needed. We appreciate you and know that we can do this together.

LaSalle Language Academy Playground Campaign