Divorce Settlement

When divorcing, there are two ways to resolve the marriage with your spouse, by agreement or by trial. The agreement can happen before filing for divorce in what is called a "Joint Petition" for divorce or also called an "uncontested divorce" or it can happen between the parties in a contested divorce all the way up until the judge renders a verdict following an evidenitary hearing or trial. Obviously, the sooner the parties reach a divorce settlement, the less time and expense will accrue. Be careful about settling with your ex. If they do not want you to consult an attorney, that is when you should consult an attorney the most. See our video below on why this is the case.

BE AWARE of non-lawyers who claim they can do uncontested joint petitions in Nevada. See our this article about fake family law experts.

Uncontested v. Contested

Las Vegas, you can divorce two ways, via a contested approach called a "lawsuit" or via an uncontested approach called a "joint petition." This video briefly explains the five issues that must be considered for every divorce.

Settling with Ex -- Careful

While reaching an agreement with your ex will save time and money, there are definitely some precautions to consider, such as whether the conciliatory attitute is legit on your exes spouse, or merely a ploy to lead you into a bad future because they are playing on your emotions during a vulnerable time.

True Costs of Divorce

There are many costs one should consider before getting divorced, including the obvious like attorney's fees, and the not so obvious as are addressed in this video. How much does a divorce cost in Las Vegas? Find out.

Why Las Vegas for fast?

Why is Las Vegas one of the fasted places to get divorced? This quick video breaks it down in one minute. The answer is, jurisdiction. Most States require too much presence in the State before a court will start the divorce process. Not Nevada. Las Vegas, in particular, is a destination city for quick divorces.