LARS-WG weather generator

LARS-WG 8.0, a stochastic weather generator, is a computationally inexpensive downscaling tool to generate local scale climate scenarios based on global climate models for impact assessments of climate change. LARS-WG has been used in more than 75 countries. It has been well validated in diverse climates around the world. The current version of LARS-WG incorporates climate projections  from the CMIP6 ensemble used in the IPCC Six Assessment Report. LARS-WG 8.0 is compatible with all Windows versions.

LARS-WG can be used by an individual from academic, governmental and non-profit organisations for research. The use of LARS-WG in a research project requires a licence. LARS-WG cannot be used for commercial applications. 

Register your copy by sending your name, affiliation and intended use to By using LARS-WG, you agree to share the LARS-WG derivatives, e.g. site parameters and diagnostics files. 

Download LARS-WG 8.0   (~0.29 GB, update 22/01/2024)

Previous version of LARS-WG 6.0, which is based on climate projections from CMIP5, can be downloaded from here