Basket Bingo

Bingo Tickets are SOLD OUT!

Thank you for your support of Lane's PTA and our school!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to fire-code restrictions on the number of people the cafeteria can safely hold, only a limited number of tickets are available. In order to ensure we remain within the fire-code requirements, everyone who attends Basket Bingo MUST have a ticket regardless of age or ability to play.

Donate to Basket Bingo

Be part of our supporting cast and donate to make Lane's Basket Bingo a Success! Money will be used to purchase kid's gift items for the prize baskets.

Sponsor a Basket Bingo Round!

Your name or company logo will be announced at the beginning of the Bingo Round and will be listed on the event program, the PTA website, and PTA Facebook page.

$500+ Diamond $300-$499 Platinum $150-$299 Gold

Please EMAIL LOGO (jpg or png, 300ppi) to