Organic Garden Design

Organic Gardening Services

When it comes to organic garden design, Planted Passion are able to perfectly blend their costs with the high quality of their work by keeping their materials and supplies locally based. They work closely with sapling farmers, soil growers and other organic agriculture industry specialists to ensure that whatever it is that their client wants in their organic garden; it comes from a responsibly sourced supplier.

Organic Gardening Services Features

· Organic materials sourcing

· Organic garden maintenance

· Organic sustainability

· Organic & Sustainable garden design

Furthermore, much of the companies’ success comes down to the fact that Neil’s experience within the re-vegetation field can help home owners to ensure that if they opt to grow their own plants and organic vegetables, they are enlisting the help of the right professional. Then there’s the fact that Neil spent many years honing his skills on rural organic farms, learning the techniques in the process and transferring these skills to his own team of experts.

A Healthy Organic Garden

Whoever said that it isn’t possible to enjoy an organic, healthy garden even in an urban area clearly hasn’t come across Planted Passion before. They not only specialise in making gardens look and feel as healthy as possible; they have access to state of the art earthmoving equipment that can help to tackle even the most daunting of tasks.

Other Landscaping Services

If you’re planning on having decking installed, a pool built, or any amount of land cleared in your garden (be it front, back, or side), Planted Passion are considered one of the most reliable providers in the region for their landscape design services.