Landscape Gardener

Can a Landscape Gardening Company Help with Soil Improvement?

When it comes to a garden most will feature at least some grass, but depending on the condition of the soil, the lawn may struggle to grow healthily in a way that enhances the look of the outdoor space. Landscape design companies are often on hand to help with these matters – but what is it that they do that can help soil to go from hostile to welcoming for grass seeds?

Identifying the type of soil

In Australia, soil types can differ from street to street – let alone across the entire country. What works for one avid gardener might not be ideal for another and this is why most landscaping companies will strive to identify the type of soil that is present before going further. In order to test the soil, most specialists will take a sample and then evaluate its pH balance, amongst other technical tasks, to determine which types of chemicals are present, or if it is lacking particular nutrients. If you are looking for a landscaper in these guys may be you guys, find them here: