Presently works as a music director, organist and singer for Roman Catholic Church in New York. As an indie artist Lana writes arrangements for own projects and does all recordings. Her original song “I Celebrate” was recognized at 12th Billboard contest with an honorable mention. In 2008 Lana completed her full length album “Cherish”, later-"Reality & Dreams" (2011) and “Candy Shop”(2014). She continues to write her original compositions, releasing them on a social media's websites like facebook, reverbnation, iTunes, Amazone, etc.

Lana's music is a mixture of pop and classical elements with flavor of hip-hop, funk and dance music; influenced by Celine Dion, Elton John, Enya and others.

This is the original music with the unique signature of the artist that can easily bring out a theatrical imagination; songs that are written from the heart.