Lana Josipović

I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering at ETH Zurich, where I lead the Digital Systems and Design Automation Group

Before joining ETHZ, I completed my PhD in Computer and Communication Sciences at EPFL, Switzerland, advised by Prof. Paolo Ienne. My PhD research was generously supported by the Google PhD Fellowship for Systems and Networking and the EPFL EDIC Doctoral Fellowship. Prior to my PhD, I received a MSc and BSc in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology from the University of Zagreb, Croatia.  

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My current research focuses on methods to enable generating good-quality hardware designs from high-level programming languages.  My goal is to bridge the gap between software and hardware by developing language abstractions, compiler flows, and hardware devices that enable software developers from different domains to accelerate emerging compute-intensive applications. My research interests include compilers, digital hardware design, and computer architecture.

I developed Dynamatic, an open-source HLS compiler that produces dynamically scheduled, dataflow circuits out of C/C++ code. The resulting circuits achieve good performance out-of-the-box and realize behaviors that are beyond the capabilities of standard HLS tools. In addition to a complete HLS methodology, Dynamatic incorporates mathematical models to optimize the performance and area of the resulting circuits, as well as techniques to achieve characteristics that standard HLS cannot support, such as out-of-order memory accesses and speculative execution. These contributions redefine the HLS paradigm by introducing characteristics of modern superscalar processors to hardware designs; they are key for specialized computing to be successful in new contexts and broader application domains. 

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