About the Association

1998 – 1999 The legal application was submitted and approved by the State of Texas and the IRS. A board was then put together and the first officers were elected: Fran Callahan, President; William E. Bammel, Jr. (‘61), Treasurer; and Carolyn Schill Rappazzo (’53), Secretary; Katherine Hackney Bertelsen, (’42), Tom Erwin (’44), and Benjamin Hammond IV, (’45), and Marjorie Bintliff Johnson (‘45). The first membership forms were sent out, and the response was very encouraging. A new flagpole, using the original base which had been saved when the original flagpole was taken down, and a new curved seat wall for the front of the school were completed. Funds for this came from the 60th Anniversary event, the River Oaks Garden Club, and the Classes of 1954, 1997and 1998. The group’s first gifts to the school were gifts of $500 each for two student group trips. The first copy of the alumni newsletter was published in September 1998.

The History 1995-2016

The History 1995 - 2016