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A simple review of some basic striper fishing tips.

When ever you take a Lake Whitney Guided Striper Fishing Trip, we will help to make certain you use the best techniques so that it will achieve great results. Yet , if you are looking to remember to brush

up on your basic striper fishing skills before heading out in the lakes, then here are a few take into account bear in brain.

Firstly, you will want to consider the time of day that you are

choosing to fish. Although you some anglers are happy to spend all day holding out

for a chew, it is possible to increase your chances of landing a capture by

choosing at particular times of the day, to be more exact, night. Stripers are easier

to catch when really dark, so night-time sportfishing is usually the most successful,

but dusk and dawn fishing trips can also offer good results.

Throughout the cooler months, candy striped bass tend to move closer to the top of

the water, which can also make them much easier to catch. The winter weeks might

not be the most comfortable time for you to go fishing, and the enticement can often be

to stay at home in the warm and play games! However, the

frigid weather may offer the perfect possibility to make an a remarkable catch,

and so doing some fishing during this period can often confirm well worth your time and effort. In the event you

are fishing in clear waters, you may also realize that you are able to area

schooling stripers, which can also make it better to choose the best place top water fish


Striped bass are often interested in a wide variety of different lures, so

invest in a few different types. If one particular lure doesn't seem to be to be

producing the results which you experienced hoped for, at that time switch to another. A

chance in weight or colour can often have a huge impact on your success when

fishing in a particular spot.

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lake whitney striper guide
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lake whitney striper guide
lake whitney striper guide
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