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Article of possible interest: What is Soft Armoring of Shorelines?

Michigan Shoreline Partnership:

"While the use of rip rap can be better than a vertical concrete or steel wall, improperly sized and placed rock can also create barriers for wildlife and tend to look ugly. In this picture the rock was not sized or placed correctly in order to be called a "bio-engineered" solution. And there are no plants!"

Lakewood Recreation District (LRD)

This page is for communicating and sharing activities and discussion of the Lake Rec District and its Board Meetings. Meetings are held the third Tuesday of each month in the Lakewood Office 8700 Sunset Dr, Norwalk, IA 50211 at 5:30. The meetings are public and all are welcome to attend and have a voice. Outside of meetings, inquiries and input can be made through email/phone to LRD Trustees (listed below) .

Organization Description and Purpose

The Lakewood Recreational Lake District (LRD) was established in 1988 as a Warren county taxing entity for the Lakewood community for the purpose of collecting certain tax revenues received from Lakewood residents for acquisition, construction, reconstruction, enlargement, improvement, equipping, maintenance, and operation of the recreational facilities for the residents of Lakewood.

Meetings Scheduled

11/19/2020 5:30 PM at Luana Bank Conference Room 9321 Market Pl Dr, Norwalk, IA 50211, Use North Entrance (facing Arby's)

All Meetings are open to the public.

Draft Silt Mitigation Plan


Potential Projects (decisions/planning) Click Here


Rick Hardy 515-418-7676

Greg Theis

Tim Houk 515-681-0041

Financial Reports 6-30-2020

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