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Frequently asked questions

Should I take a world language in high school? Yes- College Preparatory. Curriculum requires two units of the same world language or two units of computer technology. We highly recommend two years of a world language.

Do I need to take a computer class in high school? Yes- All students must complete at least one computer course before graduating from high school. You will be enrolled in it your freshman year.

Do my math units have to include Algebra I, Geometry, & Algebra II? Yes, Colleges still require Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II if you are going to attend college. We highly recommend a fourth year math your senior year. If you are "Core" you may take Math and Finance as a third math.

When will I take the ACT test? Sophomores will take the Pre-ACT test at school. Juniors will take a free state required ACT test at school one time.

Weighted G.P.A- All Advanced Placement (AP) courses will have weighted GPA scale. Final grades will be on a 5.0 scale.

What is "Concurrent Enrollment"? Concurrent enrollment gives students an opportunity to earn college credits while in high school. Students should take the ACT test and score a 19 to be considered for enrollment. See your counselor for more information.

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